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As Sarah is being led by Shaw to supposedly enter into the Ring's headquarters, Chuck goes running to Casey for help.  Casey gives him the number to call in for tactical support and Chuck requests everything from air support to a tank.  As Shaw leads Sarah by gun point into a room filled with television monitors playing the Ring's clip of Sarah killing Shaw's wife, Chuck arrives with what seems like the entire US Army.  Shaw ends up telling Sarah that she killed his wife, but he doesn't blame her, he blames the Ring.  Chuck seems them embrace, but it's too late, he wasted tons of money.  Beckman decides she's going to send Sarah and Shaw to D.C. to still head up a counter-Ring operation there, and going to leave Chuck in Burbank while she figures out what to do with him.  One thing's for sure, he's not a real spy to her.

Depressed, Chuck hits the bottle and combines whiskey and gaming.  Sarah ends up coming over to confess her love to him, kiss him, and tell him they have one last mission -- Shaw found the location of the Ring director.  While Chuck still believes Shaw is trying to kill them, he ends up saving their life while they're at gun point by the director and other Ring operatives.  They end up finding out from some stolen data that the Intersect the Ring is trying to build has parts from France.  Beckman sends Shaw and Sarah to Paris, while a surprisingly happy Chuck (dude just found out Sarah loved him) comes home to Morgan.  Chuck shows Morgan the footage of Shaw kicking butt at the Ring and Morgan points out the punches and kicks aren't completing... it was a faked fight!  Chuck tries to contact Beckman, but it's the boy who cried wolf. 

Chuck decides to go rogue, and gets Casey to come along with Morgan's help.  They hop on a plane to Paris and Casey forces Chuck to use his good old fashion brain, and not flashing, to figure out where Shaw took Sarah.  He figures out it was by the spot where Sarah kills his ex-wife.  They get to Shaw just after he drugged Sarah, gave away secrets to the Ring and is about to kill Sarah.  Casey takes on the Ring operatives, while Chuck ends up killing Shaw to save Sarah.

Casey agrees to hand over the Ring director to the CIA... in exchange to getting his job back... and Morgan one too!  Chuck and Sarah decide to stay in Paris to consummate their relationship a few more times.  Woohoo!

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Do you want to see the bill on your tactical mission. It's longer than my copy of Atlas Shrugged.


Call this number, request tactical support. You'll be forwarded to a Colonel Sanders, don't make fun of his name


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