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Chuck and Sarah are sent on a mission to learn from the best spy couple ever, The Turners (Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz).  Their mission with the infamous couple?  To steal a decryption chip from Otto. 

They follow the couple to a party, where Mrs. Turner gets too drunk and the couple ends up getting out of control.  Chuck and Sarah decide to show them how it's done and steal the decryption chip from around the tiger's neck themselves.  As they're leaving with the chip, the Turners ambush them at gunpoint and steal the decryption chip... they've gone rogue.

Chuck and Sarah use clues briefly mentioned by the Turners to find out where they're staying and jump the couple.  They bring them back to the house and handcuff them up.  Soon Otto, using a tracking device, shows up at the door with the Tiger in hand.

Meanwhile, Casey is tasked with training the hopeless Morgan.  Despite his failed attempts, Casey reveals he's not going to give up on Morgan because Morgan was there for him when he was dismissed.  On their way home, the two run into Otto showing up at the apartment, and Morgan helps distract the tiger by leading it into Sarah and Awesome's apartment.

Back in Chuck's apartment, they attempt to turn in the Turners to Otto, but it's too late, they escaped.  After losing a fight, the Turners show up and rescue them from Otto.  In the end, they decide not to rat out the Turners for double crossing them and instead call it a triple cross to Beckman.  The Turners announce their retirement.

Meanwhile, in Africa, Awesome and Ellie are at Doctors Without Borders until Devon catches malaria and must come home.  In the end, it's revealed the doctor that befriended Ellie out there, Justin, is actually a ring agent.  Why is he sending Awesome back home with malaria symptoms?  Tune in next week.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Mr. Turner: Dear God, it's us 30 years ago.
Chuck: Sarah, that's us in 30 years!

Chuck: What's the 30 foot rule?
Sarah: No spy should ever be 30 feet from a backup weapon.
Chuck: Don't you know the Bartowski rule? No fire arms in the house.
Sarah: Not if you want to live with a spy.