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Chuck and Sarah's wedding is getting closer, so it is time for their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, respectively.  Awesome plans Chuck's, and is taking the entire gang to Las Vegas.  The problem is that Awesome was actually saying Las Vecas the entire time.  Las Vecas is a camp ground that no one enjoyed.

Vivian Volkoff's crew found out where Orion's computer was located, and they start to track it down.  Awesome accidentally took the computer on the bachelor party, but when they came to get it, Casey killed them all.

Chuck then fixed the Orion computer, which was stabbed during the battle with Volkoff's men.  They find out where Agent X lived and the team heads to England to learn about him.  After meeting an old woman that ends up being Agent X's mother, they find out that Agent X was actually Alexi Volkoff.  Volkoff was his cover identity that he started to believe he was after time went by.


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Chuck Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

She knows I tapped Vegas dry back when I was with Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain.

Big Mike

May I ask the best man what casino we're going to be hitting first? I got a fat stack burning a hole in my crotch.