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Sarah is sent to look for Frost and Volkoff, while Casey is ordered to shadow Chuck.  Some scientists work on Chuck for weeks to see if they can get his intersect to work.

A new scientist, Jim Rye, comes to Castle to try and get the intersect to work again. After his pain therapy of beating Chuck to a pulp doesn't work, he tries to scare him by sneaking into his house as a ninja.

Rye then takes Chuck on a mission without Sarah and Casey so he can be as afraid as possible. They are in a room full of European bad guys, and Chuck is supposed to win a giant diamond in an auction.

Chuck loses the auction and fails to flash.  He and Rye then get stuck in a cold chamber that is about to kill them, but since Chuck can't flash, Rye disarms the chamber and saves them.

They find a bunch of fake diamonds and attempt to find what information is inside of them. Chuck and Rye get on a gondola with the Belgian to arrest him. He once again doesn't fail, but Rye takes out all the bad guys. 

The Belgian shoots Rye out of the gondola and saves Chuck so that he can get the intersect. We are left with the cliff hanger of Chuck still being captured.

Jeff and Lester think that there is something strange about the new Greta. They employ the rest of the Buy Morians to figure out what is up with this new girl. Casey makes up that she's been stealing so she quits her post.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Well executed... and you smell delightfully of grapefruit.

Jim [to Sarah]

My life would be a never ending Cialis commercial if I had her.