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Sarah's undercover with Volkoff Industries and she seems to be winning Volkoff over.  Mama B and Volkoff plan to have Sarah break The Gobbler out of prison to prove her allegiance.

Sarah gets Chuck, Casey and Morgan to help her.  Morgan and Casey distract the security guards while Chuck takes out The Gobbler.  Once Sarah gets him back to Volkoff, Alexei kills him on sight.  He takes out his eyeball to show Mama B and Sarah the Hydra; his secret database.

Volkoff then plans for Sarah to meet Casey so that she can kill him, and once again prove that she is truly with Volkoff.  Sarah and Casey battle it out for a while, before he tells her to push him out the window to give the appearance of murder.  After she punches him out the window, he falls and ends up extremely hurt and in the hospital, but Sarah is now even closer with Volkoff.

Ellie and Awesome are trying to come up with a baby name.  Ellie has come up with Grunka, so Awesome and Chuck come up with a plan to get her off that horrible name.  They get Lester, Big Mike and Jeff to come up with horrible people they know named Grunka, but the plan fails.  The plan ends up to have been Ellie's all the time, so that Awesome will actually agree to another name...it ends up being Clara.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic myself. Paintings, poetry, art of massage, that sort of stuff.


Chuck: I see what's going on here. You're afraid I'm just gonna sit around the house eating Fritos all day because Sarah's gone.
Morgan: I thought it might be Cheetos, but yeah.