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Chuck comes up with a plan to take down Volkoff once and for all in order to save Sarah and Mama Bartowski.  After kidnapping the creator of the Hydra, Chuck and Morgan find out that Volkoff's secret Contessa is a ship.

Volkoff takes Sarah and Mama B to the Contessa.  Chuck and Morgan meet the girls on the ship but end up getting caught by Volkoff.  Mama B sacrifices herself so that the other three can escape.

Volkoff receives a bunch of messages from Orion; some for him and some for Mary.  He get jealous and angry so he heads to Orions cabin to kill him, but Chuck is waiting for him there.  He tricks Volkoff into saying his secret voice password before arresting him.

Ellie is almost ready to have the baby and Awesome is freaking out about it.  He gets a push mix cd from Chuck, but Jeff and Lester steal it so that they can perform live for the birth.

Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Mama B make it back to the hospital for the birth of baby Claire.  Jeffster!'s performance of Salt n Pepa's "Push It" gets cut off by the cops at the hospital. Finally, Chuck proposes to Sarah and she says yes.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Hey, it'll be alright buddy. You know what, we'll go outside, we'll get some fresh air, we'll play some bocce.


That's a grunt. That is a Casey grunt.