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The Chuck family is all together to take care of the baby, but a mission to save Roan Montgomery gets Sarah, Chuck and Casey away from all of the family, baby, wedding stress.

Sarah wants to elope with Chuck, but both Chuck and Morgan don't like the idea.  After a couple of practice "no's", Chuck finally said no to eloping with Sarah.

Chuck and Sarah get captured by the woman who has Roan, Fatima.  Casey finds them and saves them but stays in Marrakesh to find out what Fatima had planned.  Once they figure out her economic terrorism, Roan, Chuck and Sarah head back to Marrakesh to take her down.  Once Roan's seduction of Fatima fails, Beckman comes and saves the day with a bazooka shot on Fatima.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

What is going on with the General? She's a hot mess.


Guys, we need a mission.