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Chuck and Sarah have hired a wedding planner to help them with the big day, only to find out she was a con artist who stole 26 grand from them.  The couple then pull a ruse on General Beckman so that she will give them all government access to find the wedding planner.  After finding her, they realize that one of her fake weddings has a real criminal.  The team then goes out and recovers the weapon that one of the family members at the wedding had in their possession.

Sarah seeks out her father to get help with the con artist wedding planner.  Jack then follows Sarah back to Burbank to help her out.  He also helps with the wedding criminals and ends up saving the day with his own skills.

Alex's mother spies Casey at the Buy More and follows him to the fake wedding, where she assumes he is a security guard.  After being disappointed that he left her for two lousy jobs, she follows him once again only to find him doing work as Colonel John Casey: NSA Agent.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Jack: If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
Sarah: An adventure somewhere, just you and me.

Jack: And remember, once you know all the cons...
Sarah: I'll never be a sucker.