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This week on Chuck:

- Chuck enlists Morgan as his spy assistant as they travel the globe looking for Chuck's mom.

- Sarah and Casey go off on a mission of their own, going after Marco of Volkoff Industries.

- Chuck goes on a few job interviews to make Ellie happy, but none of the go well.  General Beckman made sure Chuck didn't get hired so that he can come back to the CIA.

- Chuck and Morgan head back to the Buy More to get a job, but they find out it is now a full-fledged CIA spy base.

- Chuck flashes on a logo that he saw earlier on a Chinese menu, so he and Morgan go back to their repossessed car to get the menu.  After figuring out it is actually a weapons menu, Chuck and Morgan make their way to Moscow.

- Sarah and Casey get captured by Marco and he brings them to Moscow.  Once Chuck finds out Sarah and Casey are also in the Volkoff building, he sets out to save them.

- Instead of waiting for the computer to download the file with information on his mother, Chuck detonates an EMP so that he, Morgan, Sarah and Casey can escape safely.

- Chuck decides to get back in as a full spy, and enlists Sarah and Casey to help him search for his mom.  He does not, however, tell Ellie about any of it.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

This is not the opening of a tv show. This is real life.


I can't believe this was under your house. This is nuts. A secret spy base and it's got lasers and gadgets...and neatly organized files.


Chuck Season 4 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Howlin for you Howlin' For You Black Keys iTunes
Were here to save the day We're Here To Save The Day The Constellations iTunes
In response In Response Peter Wolf Crier iTunes