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Morgan finds a message he sent himself, saying that there was another pair of intersect glasses somewhere.  Team Bartowski heads out in search of them, when they run into Bo Derek in Vail.  She and Morgan had a thing when he was the intersect, but it turns out she was just a spy finding out information about the intersect for her boss.


The team finds the glasses, but Bo Derek's boss Quinn gets away.  He comes back for the glasses, kidnaps Chuck, and corners Sarah and Casey.  With no hope, Sarah does the only thing she can to survive, downloads the intersect and defeats all the bad guys in her way.


Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester's plan to undercover what their friends have been up to is foiled when Casey writes "They are not spies" on Jeff's arm, and erases their memories.

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Chuck Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Hey Chuck, how's it going with Bo? You had any sneak peeks of your childhood crush's boobies?


Morgan: You really love it here, don't you?
Big Mike: Like a turkey loves Thanksgiving.