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Sarah and Casey make their way to Japan, where Chuck was being held captive by Quinn on a bullet train.  They take out Quinn and save Chuck, but Sarah's head starts to hurt after 40 flashes in two days.  Quinn escapes their grasp, manages to trap Sarah, tranq her, and detach the final car of the train in order to escape with her.  He then tortures her through flashing until she loses all of her memory from the past five years.


Meanwhile, two of Quinn's henchmen captured Alex to use as a hostage back at the Buy More.  Casey enlists Morgan and Awesome to save her, but they then get captured as well.  He then calls on Jeff and Lester to save the day...and they do!


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Chuck Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

In my previous state of impairment, I wouldn't have cared or noticed that Grimes's woman - forgive me, not PC, Grimes's significant other - was just taken at gun point.


Ellie: Anything different happen on missions?
Morgan: Uhh, I started wearing tight slacks.