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Decker captures Chuck and Sarah and forces them to go on a mission for him.  He needs them to recover a chip and a device that together can destroy every database in the world in five seconds.  The couple teams with Verbanski, who is in it to help Casey out of prison, and find the man with the chip.


After getting the man to throw up the chip that he swallowed, they move on to finding the device.  Chuck hacks into the security at the hacking hideout, which allows Sarah and Verbanski to get the device and disable the building so Chuck can get out alive.


When meeting with Decker, he says he's going to set off the device and blame it all on Chuck.  Luckily Verbanski steals the device back and blows up Decker and his team with a bomb.  She then goes to prison to help Casey escape.

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Chuck Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Right, I'm gonna take orders from Ward and June Cleaver.


Good luck to you both, finding a better Indian guy in your life!