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Verbanski wanted to get John alone on a vacation but he was hesitant.  She set up a mission that Sarah and Chuck would say yes to so that she could get John to Miami with her.  After that mission went to plan, Verbanski got kidnapped and the team had to go and save her.


Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester thought something was up with their friends, and figured out that they were all spies.  They couldn't figure out who the fourth member of the team was, so Morgan tells them it is Awesome.  After fooling them once, Jeff breaks through the wall to Castle and sees Morgan, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey hanging out.


Also, Sarah thinks she may be pregnant so she and Chuck begin discussing family.  Casey spends more time with Alex and tells her that she might want his daughter to meet his "girlfriend" soon.


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Chuck Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Put on the banana hammock and stop whining.


I didn't fly half way across the country to be debriefed. That's your job John.