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Herman summons Ardelia about her discrimination suit. Julia calls to warn Clarice that the Alastor merger is about to happen and all the evidence will disappear afterward. Hudlin summons Julia to the merger meeting. Tripathi returns. Krendler heads to tell Attorney General Martin that ViCAP never dropped the investigation. Herman is cordial to Ardelia. Catherine ended up in a psychiatric facility after Clarice turned her in. Tyson tells Clarice that Hudlin is pushing his father into dark places. Catherine calls Ruth to let her know she feels safer at the facility. Julia calls to inform Clarice that Alastor's R&D wing is being shut down. Clarice wants to confront Hudlin alone but Krendler insists that she take Esquivel and Tripathi. Julia is sneaking around despite being warned not to by ViCAP. Hudlin gets annoyed when Clarice mentions the merger and threatens to sue. But then Nils Hagen, Alastor's president, asks to meet with Clarice. He's curious about her interest in Tyson and suspicious of her motives. Julia finds the smoking-gun Reprisol records and starts faxing them to ViCAP. But a security guard catches her. Clarice spies Mike Diaz, the fake cop who helped kill Wellig with Hudlin. Diaz and another thug hold Julia at gunpoint. ViCAP catches up to them and Hudlin is forced to intercede and let Julia go with ViCAP. Clarice decides that Hagen, not Hudlin, is behind the murders. Julia mailed the rest of the documents to her grandmother. Haynes gets offered a promotion to the boonies, which he will refuse. Tyson thinks Clarice is playing him and tells her not to call again. Clarice remembers more of that night with her father. Hagen threatens to expose Catherine if Ruth doesn't call off the investigation. 

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Krendler: Good to see you.
Tripathi: Looks like I missed some stuff.

Clarice: You don't think he'll try to fire you?
Ardelia: I don't. That'd be too quick and painless. They squeeze you and squeeze you until you quit is my understanding.