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Anthony Herman, an old rival of Krendler, is brought in to investigate Wellig's assassination. Herman attempts to play Clarice against Krendler. Herman offers to bring Clarice over to Violent Crimes. ViCAP is confined to the complaint lines. Herman is also playing Ardelia against Clarice. He assigns Ardelia to the ViCAP investigation. Ardelia is annoyed at Clarice for treating her like a roommate rather than a fellow agent. Clarice, Esquivel, and Tripathi sneak off to investigate the River Murders. Ardelia goes through the security tapes with Agent Haynes. Clarke covers for the other three with Herman's lieutenant Eddie. At the newspaper office, Tripathi discovers that reporter Rebecca was looking for Dr. Marilyn Felker, the lead physician of the clinical trials. Krendler jousts with Herman. Herman tells Krendler he's taking him down for the Wellig death. Felker's medical license was revoked five years ago. Felker's twin sister Luanne calls Clarice. Krendler changes the visitor logs to make it appear that he approved the fake lawyer and fake cop being in the building. Luanne is estranged from Marilyn and has little to offer. Krendler explains his history with Herman to Clarice. He also details why he has been so hard on her. Ardelia rejects the evidence that Clarice offers her off the books. The team finds convenient evidence implicating Felker hidden in her apartment. Herman dismisses Ardelia after she reports what she learned about Krendler changing the logs. Tripathi gets a call from Clarke telling them that ViCAP is being shut down and that Krendler is out. The coroner rules that Wellig died from a stroke, not from the drug in the root beer. Someone powerful changed the cause of death. Felker never left the country. Clarice and Ardelia make up. Clarice determines too late that Marilyn is pretending to be Luanne. Marilyn surprises Clarice with a sedative.

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Krendler: Herman's Bureau. We're all Bureau. Same team.
Clarke: No, Herman is on Team Douche. Five minutes into the investigation and he's moved into your office. I'm not on Team Douche.
Tripathi: No, you're on Team Poetry.

Herman: I thought this ViCAP team has anointed. You catch killers. I thought that was your whole thing.
Clarke: Tony, don't be a dick.