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Dean drops a bomb on Desna: that his girlfriend, Virginia, is driving him to his performance at the South Beach art show. Virginia and Desna get into it over Dean at the salon. Jenn keeps calling in sick to work and won't answer Desna's calls. She thinks about taking drugs, but calls Hank, her square-dancing instructor, instead. Roller convinces Gladys they should go to the art show in South Beach. Desna convinces Toby to run her old salon, as part of her plan to escape from Uncle Daddy. He also tells Desna that Jenn isn't sick. She goes to Jenn's mansion and finds her square dancing with Hank. Jenn tells Desna she's done working for her. Desna offers to help Uncle Daddy find a new venue for he and Juanda to renew their vows. Despite her friends' misgivings, Quiet Ann is still seeing Arlene. Desna and her girls get drafted to go to Uncle Daddy's party. Dean punches a college guy who was being rude to Virginia. Bryce returns Jenn's keys to Desna. Two durg-dealing Russians break into Gladys' house and let their boss know Roller is alive. Gladys freaks out when she sees the critics. Dean is selected to be the star of the performing-art piece. Virginia and Dean made love. Jenn tells Desna she knows Desna set up the Coombs, and she blames Desna for Bryce becoming a murderer and threatens to tell Uncle Daddy.. Jenn catches Bryce snorting cocaine. Jenn and Desna talk, but Jenn doesn't know if she can forgive Desna. Polly and Dr. Ken draw closer. Uncle Daddy lets Desna out of their deal. Gladys unveils her pubic-hair sculpture to applause. Virginia and Dean see escaping Roller, then Gladys tries to shoot him. The Russians save, then abduct him.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I think he's capable of a lot more than you do. Maybe you need to let him off his leash or something.

Virginia [to Desna]

All your shit is poppin'. Now go cover it up.

Desna [to Dean]