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Desna and Virginia get rid of Roller's body by putting it in his boat, lighting it on fire and sending the boat away. They ineptly try to stage the crime scene. Dean knows something is up with Desna, but can't put his finger on it. Desna has nightmares about Roller. Desna can't find Virginia, who has run off. Desna meets her roommate, Relevance. Quiet Ann is being stalked by her married fling, who brings her croissants. Mandy the Realtor warns Desna that a spy from Glint Nails would be visiting the salon. Bryce tells Jenn that Roller is missing, and that his house has been shot up. Desna's friends comfort here. Polly makes up a story for the girls in her community-service group about being a madam of an upscale prostitution ring. Uncle Daddy has gathered people at his house to wait for word on Roller. A cop comes to tell him that they found what was left of Roller. Uncle Daddy reacted by punching his wife Wanda, then his sports car. Desna tells Dean Roller is missing, and Dean reacts badly. Uncle Daddy has Desna come to the salon to take about Roller. He is suspicious of Virginia, but Densa covers for her. Desna goes back to Virginia's apartment, and her roommate tells her about Virginia's "happy place," where Desna finds her. Dr. Ken barges into the salon, complaining about the drug supply dwindling. Desna chases down Virginia. Uncle Daddy wants Bryce to take over the drug clinic, but Jenn pressures him to turn it down. The Glint Nails spy gave a bad report about Desna's salon. Uncle Daddy collapses on the ground at Roller's funeral.A beaten-up Virginia staggers into the reception, mumbling "They said they were going to burn me too."

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Claws Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Desna: Leave some of your stuff because people knew you were together.
Virginia: OK, Nancy Drew.

Virginia: We're a team now.
Desna: Really? We're doing this now?