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Desna feels guilty about the Coombs being killed, but Dean already heard on the news that they were dead. Bryce tells Jenn he's OK with having murdered Roller's killers, and that he's done with Uncle Daddy's crew. The loon who discovered Roller in the swamp thinks he's her "very own English suitor." Desna and her girls go to check out the new salon she wants to buy, but they're not well received. Desna fires the existing staff, but they retaliate by slugging a toilet with tampons and flooding the salon. Bryce, a former contractor, estimates it will cost $12,000 to repair the new salon. Uncle Daddy brought a mansion for Bryce and Jenn. Desna decides to enter her girls against the Koreans in NailPalm, a nail-design competition. Gregory Ruval, a doctor, treats Desna to lunch, and later they go out on a date. Dr. Ken interrupts it with paranoia about an unmarked police car. It turns out to be Quiet Ann and Arlene making out. Dean asks Bryce and Jenn how they can afford a new house. Jenn injures her thumb building a play house, so Virginia will have to compete. Gregory comes to Desna for dinner, but Virginia interrupts it since she needs to be rescued. It turns out she has agreed to live-stream porn. Desna's team and Mrs. Kim's team make the finals at NailPalm, with Desna and Mrs.Kim facing off. Densa wins. Gregory comes up afterward with flowers. Roller wins over his captor and gets her to leave him alone, with her phone, and he calls Uncle Daddy, but she comes back too soon. Jenn sees Dean's collage about the Coombs, and she figures out what happened.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jenn: In light of this news, I feel you deserve a morning BJ.
Bryce: Race you to the car!

Dean [about the Coombs}: They got what they deserved.
Desna: Yeah, they did. Are you OK?
Dean: Hm, hm. I'm glad those assholes are dead.