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Jenn finds out that Roller is alive, and that Bryce killed two people for nothing. Roller walks into the salon, freaking out everyone. Roller has forgotten the attempted murder by Desna and Virginia. Desna and her crew take him to see Uncle Daddy. Uncle Daddy is shocked to see Roller alive and Toby faints. Dr. Ken says Roller has traumatic amnesia but he may get his memory back. Roller tells Desna about being held captive by Gladys. Desna takes Roller home. The next morning, during Dean's welcome-back breakfast for Roller, Gregory shows up at Desna's place. Roller catches them kissing, She convinces Gregory that she and Roller used to work together, but not anymore. Roller resents Bryce's success at the clinic during his absence. Uncle Daddy throws a big party to mark Roller's return from the dead. Roller asks Desna for one more chance. Dean tells Roller and Desna that he and Virginia had sex. Jenn sees Roller's return as a way to get Bryce free of the clinic, but Bryce doesn't agree. The Russians are squeezing Roller for cash. Roller collapses while dancing with Desna, then describes how the Russian twins tried to kill him. Desna and her crew fear that he remembers exactly what happened, but is trying to take out the Russians instead. The woman at the Russians' check-cashing store tells Polly and Quiet Ann that Roller would come in once a month and pay $30,000. Roller had created a fake pharmaceutical company to pay off the Russians. Uncle Daddy's partners in Georgia don't want a war with the Russians, foiling Roller's plans. Desna tells Reva, head of the Russian gang, that Roller had implicated them. Desna tells Reva she tried to kill Roller. Reva tells her that Roller was working for them. Roller abducts Desna at gunpoint.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Hank: Hey, Dean. They're going to have lady talk.
Dean: Oh, I'm OK with that.

Yeah, it was Roller. But he didn't say hello at South Beach. Very bad manners.