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Hurricane Ignacia is bearing down on the Florida coast. Zlata tells Desna she has to kill Gregory and offers the poison with which to do it. Clint has made Roller suspicious of Uncle Daddy.  Bryce doesn't believe Roller's suspicions. The event planner wants to postpone the wedding because of the hurricane, but Desna refuses. Then Polly unexpectedly shows up. Desna's crew works to pull together everything for the wedding. Desna is working undercover for Arlene, who gives her a wire and a sedative to substitute for the poison Zlata supplied. Desna and Gregory get married. Desna is playing her part well. Roller tells Desna Clay killed his parents. They end up having sex in the bathroom, which Olga overhears. Desna puts the sedative in Gregory's drink. Roller confronts Uncle Daddy, and Clay doesn't deny killing Roller's parents. He is about to commit suicide when the ghost of Juanda intercedes. Olga calls to warn Gregory that Zlata and Desna are working together. Desna and Gregory battle. She stabs him with a piece of broken glass then pushes him off the balcony. Olga admits to Roller and Polly what she told Gregory. Desna tells Zlata what happened, but before they can escape, Matilde holds them at gunpoint. The lights come back on, and Zlata gets the gun from Matilde and shoots her. Desna signs over the properties to Zlata, who pulls a gun on her. Dean shoots Zlata before she can shoot Desna. Arlene says charges against Desna will be dropped, but she loses the salon. Desna is now running the clinics and Roller is backing her. Gregory left a casino to Desna. Two men on a motorcycle attempt to shoot Desna, but Virginia pushes her out of the way and gets shot instead.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Virginia [to Desna]: You go sign those papers like the accessory to murder that you are.
Jenn: I'll miss you least of all, Scarecrow.

Virginia: Something you want to share?
Desna: You know what? Mind your nosy business.
Virginia: Damn! Is that how you treat your bridesmaid?
Desna: Fake bridesmaid. Don't ask.