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Desna plans to go to the casino with Roller to snatch Dean. She tells her crew they need to sit this one out. Desna agrees to let Polly go back to Joe to pump him for information. Desna gets nowhere talking to Dean. Mac and Melba plan to steal Dean's prize money from the mah-jongg tournament to escape and to kill Dean. Desna asks Roller to run the nightclub then to convince Dean to leave the casino. Mac and Melba grudgingly agree to let Roller try. Virginia is going on a date with EJ. A publisher contacts Bryce about a book deal. Roller recruits Dean to reassemble his male exotic dance troupe. Desna now to has launder the governor's bribe money. Desna visits Melba for guidance. A teacher converts the bribe money into gambling winnings, then is paid so she can buy school supplies. Ann tells her brother Henry what she knows about Patel, in front of Arlene. Joe is jealous of Dean being adopted by Mac and Melba. Bryce gets a $25,000 advance. Patel exposes Henry as gay at a debate. Then Henry tells about Patel's bribes being laundered through the casino. Polly and Joe reconnect. Desna can't reach Ann. Toby confronts Uncle Daddy about Brenda. He gives Clay an ultimatum: Brenda or him. EJ keeps talking about Jenn on their date. Desna finds Ann hiding at the salon. Mac and Melba call Desna looking for Ann, but Desna covers for her. Toby grabs a bottle of Oxycontin at the clinic, which gives Ken a moneymaking idea. Mac and Melba tell Joe to murder Ann, but Polly intercedes. Bryce's potential publisher is a white nationalist. His book signing degenerates into a brawl. Arlene is going to make a deal with Mac and Melba for Ann. The Professor slashes Arlene's throat.

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Claws Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jenn: Whatever happened to 'ride or die," Des?
Desna: This time, I'm going to need you to just ride.

Where the F is Macau?