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It's Desna's birthday. Roller gives Desna his St. Christopher medal to protect her. Desna meets with Benedict. Desna tells him she can deliver the new governor, Ann's brother Henry, in exchange for her crew running the casino. Joe thinks he and Benedict are partners. Polly gives Joe an ultimatum and he chooses his wife. Virginia takes Dean back. Ann gets angry when Desna brings up delivering Henry to Benedict. Roller gets arrested for Clint's murder. Bryce and Uncle Daddy admit everything to Jenn. Ann tells the Palmetto police chief that she has information about a dirty cop. Benedict tells Desna that Ann went to the cops and she needs to take care of it. Ann agrees to talk to Henry. Roller makes bail. Polly goes to Ken. Roller says the police have a lot of evidence against him. Desna suggests running to Cuba. Ken's girlfriend Gretchen is at his home already and storms out. At Desna's birthday party, Ann tells her that Henry will meet with Benedict. Virginia tells Dean she doesn't want to get married anymore. Jenn forces Uncle Daddy to tell Roller and Desna the truth. A brawl breaks out. Ann and Joe conspire. Roller talks Desna out of running. He's going to turn himself in for Clint's murder. Desna confronts Clay. She tells him to find Toby and fix things. Uncle Daddy locates Toby after Toby's witness protection falls through. But he can't kill him. He has Toby run instead. So Clay tells Desna he couldn't find him. Staging a fake accident, Desna and company free Roller and the other prisoners from the transport bus. The plan is to send Roller to Cuba by boat, but Desna stays. Ann and Joe lock Benedict in Joe's office then torch the casino. Ann tells Desna what she did.

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Claws Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Desna: Why do I need protection?
Roller: Because you're movin' on up.

Roller: Maybe when you're old and gray, you're gonna need someone.
Desna: This ain't never gonna be gray.