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Roller convinces Desna not to take a gun to the casino to retrieve Dean. Mac tells Dean that his family and friends are holding him back. Roller tells Polly to stay away from Joe. Arlene reacts negatively when Ann brings up having children. Dean reacts badly when he finds Desna and Virginia packing up his clothes to move to Desna's condo and says he wants Desna out of his life. Then Dean breaks up with Virginia. Dr. Ken threatens to leave the clinic to go to Peter Pain. Desna calls Calvin to help. Calvin lost his job. EJ calls Virginia. Dean has security remove Desna from the casino. Desna plans to use what she knows about Governor Patel to blackmail him so she can get back inside the casino. Uncle Daddy and Brenda go to play at the casino. Jenn walks in on EJ and Virginia together and blasts both of them. Desna confronts Patel but gets nowhere. Desna and Ann decide to visit Ann's Frenchman, who is under investigation for fraud. He tells them that a judge is oversentencing minorities to be sent to Patel's private prisons. Bryce talks Jenn through her feelings of betrayal. Calvin wants to move Desna and Dean to his beach house on Sanibel Island. He's leaving Palmetto for now. Melba gives "birth" to Dean in a peformance-art piece. One of Desna's clients gets her the judge's financial records. Joe sends Polly an antique gun as a gift but she returns it. Ann tells Arlene about the baby. Patel reveals to Desna that Bayside isn't a Native American casino. Desna tells Patel that if he helps her take down Mac and Melba, she'll launder his money. Arlene wants to get married. Mac and Melba adopt Dean. They tell Desna the Macau Triad runs the casino.

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Claws Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Mac: You're like a majestic golden eagle that somebody has locked in a cage. Your sister and her friends are your captors, and they're feeding you scraps of rotten meat. You eat that shit long enough, it starts to taste good.
Dean: I think you're using an analogy. Are you saying I'm being silenced, like one of those sister wives in a prairie dress?

Roller: D. Stop. I can't have you locked up.
Desna: I just want my brother back.