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Mac, Melba and Desna are in trouble with the Macau Triad for allowing Governor Patel to launder money at the casino. The Professor tells them they have 24 hours to repay $3 million to Macau.Mac wants to run but Melba insists they wait until they can steal Dean's winnings from the mah-jongg tournament. Bryce and Jenn's van has "Race Traitor" painted on it. Toby thinks Uncle Daddy has chosen Brenda instead of him. Desna tells Roller and Polly about Arlene and not inform Ann. Roller suggests asking Clay for the money. The white supremacists protest outside the rehab center, but it's broken up by a cop, who gives the leader, Chad Beauregard, a ride home. Ann has a nightmare about losing Arlene. A worried Ann calls Desna, who tells her to sit tight. But Ann goes looking for Arlene anyway. Desna and Uncle Daddy decided to steal Confederate memorabilia from Chad and use the proceeds to pay off Macau. The Professor plays mah-jongg with Dean. Joe has been ordered to kill Patel. Melba, Uncle Daddy and Roller distract Chad, pretending to be the neighborhood watch. Meanwhile, Bryce, Jenn, Desna and Virginia break in. Arlene's captain, working for the Professor, tells Ann that Arlene is undercover. The maid catches Desna and Jenn. Virginia knocks her out with a swatika trophy. They steal Confederate gold. Dean hires a Virginia-lookalike hooker. Joe smothers Patel with Polly's help. Chad runs out of sweet tea then discovers the robbers. Mac, the getaway driver, gets shot. They take him to Dr. Ken but he dies. Uncle Daddy breaks up with Brenda. Melba and Desna pay off Macau. The Professor tells Desna she has to kill Melba or he'll be coming for her. A blood-soaked Desna drifts through the casino. Desna tells Ann that Mac killed Arlene.

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Claws Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Desna: You just killed a cop.
Professor: A dead cop is the least of your worries right now, Desna Simms.

It's flu season.

Professor [to Desna]