Besieged Desna - Claws Season 4 Episode 8
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Tony convinces Desna to check out the surprise he has for her. Polly is grieving because Axel died on their wedding night and Jenn badly comforts her. Bryce calls Desna to talk about the sleep-clinic deal. She gives him the code phrase "ambrosia salad" for Jenn. Quiet Ann breaks up with Cherry. Uncle Daddy tries to convince Ann that Bryce made up the story about her baby becoming his heir. Tony introduces Desna to his homegirl Lori. Lori is looking for an oxy supplier. Desna informs her crew that Tony is DEA. Desna announces she'll take the fall alone. Virginia admits that she killed Georgia. Dean impregnates Eve. Bryce's former crack dealer gives him marital advice. Virginia discovers an overdosed Jenn. The crew realizes Jenn was the one skimming pills. Desna and Virginia tear into each other with Polly as unsuccessful mediator. Based on Ghost Juanda's advice, Clay turns the warehouse into a nursery. Bryce arrives at the hospital and pours out his heart to Jenn. Ann arrives at Jenn's room. Jenn awakes to see the crew as arguing Muppets. Jenn says she doesn't even recognize the women around her. She drives everyone away. At the reading of the baron's will, Axel, who was aware of Polly's true identity, left the bulk of his estate to her instead of his entitled children. A visit from Dean gives Virginia perspective on her situation. Desna tells Ann that Tony is DEA. Ann spurns Desna's money and walks away. Virginia apologizes to Jenn. They decide that they're in trouble from following Desna's orders. Desna confronts Tony about Jenn's overdose. Then she tells him about a potential heroin deal. Bryce listens to Jenn's voicemail. Dean informs Eve he's ready to become a father. Ann agrees to become Tony and Lori's informant.

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Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Desna: What are you doing here at the crack of black?
Tony: I got a surprise for you.

You dumb bitch!