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Tyrone tells Tandy that he saw the church on a voodoo tour, as well as in her heart. Neither knows why it's affecting them.

Tyrone mentions his vision of Tandy's father being tortured by the Roxxon man, as well as her running away. She mentions that her father died during the storm.

Tyrone brushes off his parents when he's late for school.

Tandy returns home and asks her mother about the Roxxon case. She doesn't remember much about her father and she wants to learn more. Melissa believes Greg will be able to help, but Tandy disagrees.

Evita and Tyrone makeout in the photo studio.

A cutaway to the church scene reveals Tandy telling Tyrone about seeing his dead brother and his death in the vision. Part of her powers is that she can view someone's hopes when she touches them.

Greg tells Tandy that he does like her mother and wants to treat her well. When she touches him, she uses her powers to view his hopes in the dream world. Greg is telling the truth.

At the church, Tandy tells Tyrone that he needs to do surveillance on the cop. He needs to lie about being a victim to get close to him. He gets rid of his bike to lie about theft.

Greg informs Tandy that even after her father's death, Roxxon kept the business going to spread the funds around. She offers to help them dig deeper into the information to see if there's a lead.

Tyrone submits a police report about the missing bike. He's looking for Connors at the precient.

Tyrone's dad finds his boltcutters missing from the shed. He finds them in Tyrone's backpack and decides to take him to a new part of New Orleans.

At the church, Tandy and Tyrone make the connection between why they got the certain powers: Tyrone wanted revenge while Tandy wanted to run away; their powers are the complete opposite (i.e. Tyrone teleports and Tandy makes knives).

Greg is married to someone, but he likes being with Melissa since they can talk about anything.

Tandy and Tyrone touch each other. Their powers send them flying across the church.

Greg's wife call him during dinner and it kills the mood. Melissa goes to bed aburptly.

Otis is a "spy boy," a man who leaves the group to venture into the unknown to witness danger if it comes. Tyrone finds a cloak hiding away in the closet of past unfinished relics from the group.

Neither Tandy nor Tyrone have told anyone about their special powers. They don't trust telling their parents.

The cloak that Tyrone found in the closet was the unfinished project from Billy. He wants to finish it in his brother's honor.

Melissa breaks up with Greg; she thinks Greg is like all the other men in her life.

While walking to the legal office, Tandy witnesses someone shooting Greg in the head. The assassin spreads gas over the room and lights it on fire.

At the church, the pair likes talking with each other. Tandy feels like she's atoning for something; Tyrone, on the other hand, feels like he has to act perfect all the time. Tandy wishes she was the one who died.

Tandy overhears Melissa calling Greg's voicemail to get back together.

Tyrone is mad at Tandy for thinking about killing herself. She's heartbroken that Detective O'Reilly told her that she can't press charges against Rick. Tyrone is especially mad that Tandy can't waste all her opportunities while he's being judged based on his ethnicity.

Tandy lashes out at Tyrone because she can feel his hopes. She knows he's potentially going to kill himself by police force if he hurts Connors.

Tyrone heads to the police station and asks to see Detective Connors.

Tandy tries to commit suicide by jumping into the lake, but the dagger appears and she cuts herself free. She visits Greg's burnt office and breaks into the safe with the dagger. She takes the files.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tandy: My opinion and my experience: It’s dangerous to get close to anyone. But with you, I’m conclusively right. When we touch, s*** goes boom.
[Tandy starts moving forward]
Tandy: So, the first question is: How close can we get to each other without triggering our crazy?
Tyrone: And how are you gonna do that?
Tandy: Close your eyes. Don’t move. And no cheating.
[They reach for each other, hands glowing. They touch and go flying across the room]
Tyrone: That was…
Tandy: WHAT?!
Tyrone: That was… nice, at first.

Otis: Each bead has its place, part of a larger design. And you gotta pay attention because if you mess up, and you don’t notice till later, you gotta undo hours… days… even months of work. It’s no joke. It takes years to master the art of beadwork, and each year you gotta remaster it again.
Tyrone: You gotta make a new one every year?
Otis: Now every year you’re a new person, Son. So, we spend that time working on a new suit. Some give up and never finish. There’s a room over there full of failure stories; it would drive a man crazy. But not the man with patience, diligence, and grace. Control of your actions, Son. If you can’t control yourself, then you can’t control a damn thing in this world. This regalia… it helps us find that control and with it comes the strength we need.
[Tyrone search through the room and finds a black cloak]