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A little girl trips while practicing ballet. She's left waiting in the rain until her father arrives to pick her up.

A little boy wants to join his brother and friends in getting revenge against a rich guy. The teens bail on the prank, but the little boy steals the car radio. The cops arrive and the brothers make a run for it.

Trouble happens at an offshore rig causing the car to crash into the lake. The little boy's brother is also shot by the police officers after the rig explores. He jumps into the lake to find his dead brother.

A strange light eminates across the lake and both the little boy and little girl are affected.

Tandy visits a club and eyes a cute guy in a booth. The guy offers to invite Tandy back to his place to listen to music.

Tyrone is yelled at by his coach for not paying attention. He's having a hard time during the basketball game; he keeps getting knocked down. Tyrone starts a fights on the court.

The rich guy tries to kiss Tandy and push her into sex, but she refuses. It's revealed she slipped drugs into his drink so that she, and an accomplice, can steal from him.

Tandy is living in an abandoned church and she does drugs with stolen medication.

A flashback reveals that, after Tandy's father's death, her father's employer Roxxon raids their home to retrieve files and cuts the insurance.

Most of the items that Tandy and Liam stole were worthless. They plan to go to a party in the woods. She returns home and finds it still in disarray; her mom is nowhere to be seen.

Evita, a girl at Tyrone's school, invites him to a party in the woods.

Tyrone and Tandy met each other at the party when she accidentally spills alcohol on him. When he tries to buy a drink for Evita, he discovers that Tandy stole his wallet. He chases afte rher when she runs.

Tyrone and Tandy get knocked back in the graveyard when their hands touch. Her hand is glowing white light while his has a looming shadow.

Tandy and Liam hook up in his car. She tells him about a hand that reached out to her when she was about to die during the car crash.

Tyrone wakes up on the roof of Roxxon Corp with nothing but a blanket.

A flashback reveals that the police lied about Tyrone's brother's death and that the cop who killed him doesn't exist. In the present day, Tyrone sees same the redheaded man with the scar.

Tandy's mother is a drunk who just quit her job. When she reaches to touch the cut on Tandy's hand, Tandy experiences a vision of her parents together watching her doing ballet.

Tyrone's mother worries about him and he lashes out at her for smothering him.

Tandy uses her stolen tickets to visit the ballet. As she's leaving the venue, the rich kid and his friends corner her into an alley. She scratches him, but he tries to force himself on her again.

A flashback reveals a young Tandy and Tyrone washed ashore on the beach after the accident.

Tyrone wakes up in the trunk of the police man's car. He uses a bag of drugs to distract him and run away.

Tandy pushes back at the rich kid and her hand emits a white light in the shape of a dagger. It stabs the guy and he falls to the ground.

Tyrone experiences a vision of the redheaded cop during the night of the accident. He uses his cloaking power to teleport back to his room as the cop shoots at him.

Tandy still has the hoodie from the night of the accident. Tyrone sitll has the ballet slipper from the beach.

Cloak and Dagger
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