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Tandy watches a video from Roxxon Gulf, the environmental arm of Roxxon Corp. She is searching through the files that Greg uncovered from the company.

Detective O'Reilly has sex with a cop in the back of her car. She then meets with Tyrone at the police station to talk about Connors; it will be difficult to get to him since he's a Vice cop and kept undercover. Tyrone tells her about Connors selling drugs.

Tandy surprises Tyrone at his school; she reveals that she can control her power. A white blade appears in her hand. They search through the school computer for any Roxxon connection to the case.

Tandy wants to use her touch power to explore someone's hopes. She encourages Tyrone to use his power to explore people's fears.

Tyrone and the basketball players go to a pep rally. Evita calls him her friend and it hurts him. Tandy breaks into someone's locker to steal a book and the school uniform.

Detective O'Reilly is suspicious of Connors because the number of vice arrests decreased when he joined the squad.

Adina declines to go to her Roxxon Corp event; she plans to support Tyrone at the big game. Tyrone picks up a photo of his brother and his friends; the thoughts transport him to the business of one of Billy's friends.

Tandy goes undercover as "Felicity" to get hired as a promo model for the Roxxon Gulf event. She wants to get closer to one of the rich men.

Tyrone gives Evita his letterman jacket to make their relationship official.

During the big game, Tyrone makes a foul ball after another player pushes him. Later on, the ball flies through his hands, but his team gets the ball after more trouble brews.

Detective O'Reilly meets with Liam to discuss Tandy and the case.

The opposing team during the basketball game swarm Tyrone on the court. He makes contact with the referee and experiences his fear. The ball disappears and reappears at the Roxxon dinner.

Tyrone's team wins the game.

Tandy uses her powers to look into the hopes of the Roxxon executives. All of them want to get rid of their boss; in one case, one of them wants to sleep with him. Tyrone inadvertently teleports to the party.

Tyrone confronts Tandy about using her powers too much. The increased use of the hope touch has caused his powers to react. She pushes him off the ledge to force him to teleport back to the game.

Detective O'Reilly busts a drug dealer from a popular club. She's trying to map out the path of drug dealings.

Tandy had made the connection within Roxxon to a single man: Peter Scarborough.

With only a few seconds left in the match, Tyrone brushes past many players on the opposing team; he experiences their fears along the way. He missed the final shot and his team loses.

Tandy pretends to be a St. Sebastian High School student to lure Peter out of the house. She experiences his hopes of stealing money from dead pool rig operators.

Evita surprises Tyrone in his bedroom in his letterman jacket and underwear. They hook up that night.

Connors catches Brigid doing cocaine in the station. She impresses Connors and he wants her to join him on a run sometime.

Tyrone teleports to the business of Billy's friends. He overhears Connors arguing with him; it's revealed that they're in the drug business together and he knew that Connors killed Billy.

Tandy discovers the second name in the documents next to her father's name. The name belongs to the father of Mina Hess, the girl who Tandy bumped into at the Roxxon party. Mina is a scientist who works for Roxxon Gulf.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tyrone: You didn’t have to do all this.
Tandy: I can’t take the credit.
[Tyrone is startled]
Tyrone: What the hell are you doing here? The last I saw you, you were calling me a “choir boy.”
Tandy: Yeah, well, the last time I saw you, you were storming out my church like one. Sorry I got my harsh on.
Tyrone: Seriously, what are you doing here?
Tandy: I come bearing good news.
Tyrone: What’s that?
Tandy: I did it. I controlled it. I made it happen. Check it.
[The white blade appears in her hand]
Tyrone: Can you not?! Not here.
Tandy: What... but here is interesting. Tyrone Johnson in his natural habitat. Hey, I don’t know if Betty or Veronica decorated your locker, but she’s in it to win it!

Tyrone: What are you doing at a Roxxon event?
Tandy: Digging. Trying to find the mystery man at the center of everything.
Tyrone: When you say “dig,” do you mean root around in people’s heads?
Tandy: Why do you care?
Tyrone: I’m here because of you. You’ve been experimenting. Alright, with your hope-y touchy thing.
Tandy: Why? Why does that matter?!
Tyrone: It matters because you checked too many books out of the library. You and I are connected, and because you’re using your s***, mine has been going haywire all night and it’s your fault.