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Tandy survived the car crash. She gets back into the car to drive away when she hears police sirens.

Detective O'Reilly visits Cotton in the hospital and asks him about the attack in the alleyway. She's suspicious of him because of the scratches on his face and his pants being unbuckled.

Melissa finds the blood on Tandy's towel. She lies to Detective O'Reilly and says that Tandy hasn't been home in weeks.

Tandy is suffering from her concussion as she boards a bus to leave town. The bus is dark and empty after she wakes up. It's a vision to a young Tyrone playing basketball.

The POV shifts to Tyrone during Tandy's car accident. He hides out from the police cruiser driving through the street.

Tyrone prays for answers and speaks out to Billy for help.

Evita invites Tyrone on a walking tour of New Orlean to learn more about voodoo. He performs a voodoo wish at the tomb. Evita takes him to her aunt for a tarot reading and guidance.

Tyrone performs a cleansing bath with Evita's help. Darkness fills the house and everyone has disappeared. He appears on the roof of Roxxon Corp again and he sees a younger Tandy in her ballet oufit.

Tandy experiences a vision of Tyrone and Billy playing basketball together. The next vision is of Tyrone killing Connors and the police coming after him. Tandy tries to stop him; she produces a glowing dagger that turns into handcuffs.

On the roof, little Tandy dances ballet until the sign nearly eletrocutes them. Tyrone's next vision is of Tandy watching her father being attacked in a board room. Tandy keeps running away until Tyone stops hers with his ability.

Tandy finds little Tyrone locked in a room while Tyrone watches little Tandy in a church give men pills that knock them out. The two wake up from their visions when their hands touch.

Connors gives O'Reilly an ID found on a dead drug addict. The card belongs to Rick Cotton. The case is closed, but Tandy calls O'Reilly to help. Tandy tells her the truth.

Evita and Tyrone kiss.

A 3D printing machine creates a doll in the shape of Tyrone. Evita's aunt has the doll on her alter.

Tyrone surprises Tandy at the church and wants to talk.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Brigid: I’m not here to arrest your daughter, Ms. Bowen. I’m here because I think she’s a victim.
Melissa: With what?
Brigid: The best I can tell is that she’s been mixed up in an assault. I want to protect her; I can promise you that. But, in order for me to do that, I need to talk to her.
Melissa: Here’s the thing about Tandy. If there’s any heat on her, she’s probably already run away.

Tandy: Are you trying to kill me?
Tyrone: No! Why would you ask that?!
Tandy: Because you have a gun in your hand.
[Awkward silence]
Tandy: Wait, you’re that kid...from the party. The graveyard. The beach. You shot at me!
Tyrone: That wasn’t meant for you.
Tandy: Then who was it meant for?!