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A flashback from eight years ago shows Andre playing a jazz show at a club. Andre wants to hit the "blue note," but his friend warns him not to take the risk. He successfully hits the note, but he suffers pain in his head and collapses.

Andre plays a vinyl in the record store. He plays one of Mikayla's records.

Tyrone is worried for Tandy after the chaos at her place. The pair decide to split up in their search to locate Andre.

Tandy and Mayhem team up for their next lead. Most of the kidnapped girls have disappeared while the rest have gone crazy.

Lia survived the pain inflicted by Andre. Mayhem and Tandy take her in their police car to get more answers about Andre..

A flashback shows Andre leaving a case in the middle of a factory.

Tyrone spies on his mother and discovers her lying about Connors' whereabouts.

Tandy peers into Lia's mind with her powers' she finds Lia unconscious in the darkness. Before Tandy enacts her revenge, Mayhem convinces her to get Tyrone to dig into Lia's mind to bring her back.

Tyrone meets Solomon in a diner; they read about Luke Cage in a newspaper. Tyrone asks Solomon for help, but he's hesitant to do anything.

A flashback shows Andre at the moment before he wanted to commit suicide. The oil rig explodes, he falls in, and ends up in aa hospital. Lia was his attending nurse. Lia inadvertently touches his finger; Andre is transported to the record store and he plays his first vinyl on Lia.

Tandy and Tyrone venture into the darkness in Lia's mind. They open a latch which transports them to the flashback where Andre manipulated Lia into quitting her job and work for him.

The next latch transports them to Lia's past where she performed a recital in front of her parents.

Andre enters the record store and finds a vinyl that belongs to Lia; he plays it. Andre finds Tandy and Tyrone; he demands them to create a big enough audience for him to perform the "blue note" and become a god. 

Unless Tandy and Tyrone stop Andre, everyone in New Orleans will end up like like the comatose Lia.

Flashbacks show Andre acquiring more victims as part of his support group.

Tyrone fights against a few gang members. He tries to force the criminals to stop selling drugs to manipulate other people. They agree and give him Andre's location.

Mayhem wants to kill Lia to get revenge, but Tandy argues to stop the death. The pair fight it out in the church. Mayhem backs off and says that Lia is Tandy's responsibility. Tandy brings Lia to a hospital.

Tandy and Tyrone follow their lead to a jazz club, but Andre isn't there. They discover that the club is a rebuilt location from the original that was destroyed in a fire.

Tandy and Tyrone teleport to the old club to find Andre playing in front of a group of people. All of the audience members are under Andre's spell, including Mikayla and Melissa. The pair hit Andre with a dagger, but all of the audience members disappear.

The lock in Andre's mind has opened. The door reveals a glowing applause awaiting Andre.

Andre's music has spread throughout the city.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Mayhem: You think you know so much? You’re so worldly and wise? People like Lia … and Andre … like Connors. Yeah, they’ve had bad s*** happen to them, but that does not justify the bad s*** they do to others. Period.
Tandy: It is not that simple.
Mayhem: Yes, it is. Now move.
[Mayhem raises her gun to Tandy]
Tandy: No.
Mayhem: I’m not gonna say it again. Move!
Tandy: No!
[Tandy raises her dagger]

Adina: Are you in trouble? You need to be laying low, Tyrone. People are looking…
Tyrone: Mom, stop, I’m fine! I can take care of myself.
Adina: I know that you can, Tyrone. I know that. It’s not you I worry about, it’s everyone else.