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Tandy prepares her shoes for her ballet class. The teacher holds her aside to watch first before jumping into the lesson.

Tyrone watches a drug delivery go down; he follows the courier back to the criminals' hideout. He uses his powers to steal a bunch of cash in duffel bags.

Melissa and Tandy attend a support group for survivors of domestic abuse. Melissa shares why she kept the truth from Tandy all these years. Tandy accepts Melissa's apology and thinks she was brave.

Michayla, a member of the support group, refuses to talk about her abuse boyfriend. Tandy notices the wallet she dropped on the ground.

Brigid practices at a shooting range; she misses all of her shots. The supervisor thinks her performance is due to her mindset.

As Brigid takes a pill in her car, Tyrone teleports into the backseat. She chastises him for trying to shut down the criminals. Brigid fears that the gang will retaliate against their enemies north of the city.

Tyrone is still being framed for Fuchs murder.

Tandy and Tyrone have a movie night within the church; she brings him his textbooks and VHS cassettes. Tandy encourages Tyrone to reach out to Evita.

Tandy and Tyone watch Zorro. They reminisce over their past fights as a duo; they feel restless, but Tyrone fights the energy. Tandy eyes a photo she took of Michayla's ID.

After Melissa keeps talking of the past, Tandy makes up an excuse to get out of dinner.

Tyrone watches his mother and father from a distance. He also sees Evita talking to a guy; she turns down a date.

Tandy follows Michayla home and see her boyfriend get angrily drunk. She leaves a threatening message on the wall to scare the boyfriend.

Tyrone uses his powers to break into the second gang's drug den. He steals cash, but he triggers an alarm and causes chaos in the facility. After he's caught and beaten up, Tandy uses her blade to knock out the criminals.

Tandy chastises Tyrone for not involving her in the crime-fighting. He didn't want to involve her since she was doing well with life. Tyrone knew about Tandy using her powers to get revenge on criminals.

Tyrone leaves the bag of money and drugs at Brigid's place. Brigid makes a plan with the police to have the gangs meet in the middle to work on their issues.

Jeremy, Michayla's boyfriends, lies to her and says that thugs vandalized his place. Tandy is mad that Michayla decided to stay with her boyfriend.

Tyrone angrily plays basketball in the church while Tandy practices her ballet and the blade appears during her dance. Tyrone appears to her to apologize; he also needs her help with the Brigid situation.

Tandy admits that she's still mad at her father; she's using her powers to let out her hurt at someone. Tyrone is doing the same with his powers but to gang members instead. They both admit that they like being together and working as a team.

Tandy helps Tyrone get into the club for the meeting. He sneaks into the room and places a recording device.

Tandy and Tyrone have fun at the dance club until the meeting starts. They see someone get shot through the glass window. They rush into the room and find everyone dead.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Tandy: All good?
Tyrone: Think so.
Tandy: Good. Okay, so what do we do now?
Tyrone: I don’t know. I guess we just hang out until it’s over and I can collect the recorder.
Tandy: Hang out? Are you saying that “Tyrone Johnson” is going to “hang out” at a drinking and dancing establishment with nothing to do but enjoy himself?
Tyrone: You know I don’t drink.
Tandy: Nah, that’s okay. I can drink for the both of us.

Tyrone: Hey, what she do? The lady with the SUV?
Tandy: It wasn’t her. It was her husband. It’s possible I’m not over my dad the way that I wish I was over my dad. Then I want to hurt someone. And since he’s not around, I’m trying to find other people who can stand to take on a little hurt.
Tyrone: Yeah, I think I’m still working some stuff out too. Hitting these gangs, causing all this trouble ‘cause I’m angry.
Tandy: At who?
Tyrone: The world, I think.