The LaRussos' Domain  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 6
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Flashback to Kreese in Vietnam. His captain recruits him for special ops and offers to teach him Korean martial arts.

Kreese in the present hangs out at gyms and games and recruits kids who look like they have what it takes to be in his Cobra Kai.

Johnny and Ali chat in messages on FB.

Danny returns home happy but Amanda tells him about Kreese. 

Cobra Kai is bragging about beating up the Miyagi do kids, but Hawk is still unsettled that he actually broke Demetri's arm. 

 Tory still hasn't seen Miguel yet.

Hawk is rattled when he sees Kyler, his former bully joining Cobra Kai. He tries to tell Kreese they aren't cobra kai material, but Kreese says they're all-natural athletes which is what they need.

Johnny helps Miguel with his therapy. Miguel sees that Johnny has been talking to Ali and helps him with his profile and to not come across creepy.

Danny wants to do something about Kreese, but Amanda wants to do things her way which involve the police. Karen her way out of this. 

 Kreese has Assface fight Kyler, but Kyler beats him and takes his spot. Kreese maintains that only the strong will survive. 

Amanda and Daniel go to the police to file a restraining order but he beats them to it by filing one after Amanda hits him.

Kreese has the new recruits fighting the old. Tory beats up the new girl which means the new girl is out, but she's pissed and has vengeance in her eye.

Hawk goes up against Brucks, another one of his bullies, and he beats him to a pulp in a vicious attack and spits on him. It has Tory horrified by the brutality and Kyler looks shook.

Miguel takes photos of Johnny doing all the things Ali was doing. While at the restaurant, Tory bumps into Miguel. She apologizes for not being around. She tells him they're seeking revenge but Miguel isn't interested in that and calls her out for starting the fight. Tory gets angry that he's calling her crazy.

The LaRussos talk to Armand and want to evict Kreese.

Armand agrees when Amanda offers to double rent.

Kreese mission in Vietnam didn't go well because he hesitated to blow up an enemy camp because his friend was still there but they all got caught and that same friend ended up dead anyway.

Armand comes to evict Kreese but he refuses.

Miguel calls Johnny out on giving up and in his heated wake up call, he stands on his own. 

Johnny finally replies to Ali's message.

The LaRussos think they won and Amanda especially is celebrating when Armand calls to tell them that the deal is off. The cobra kai snake slithers out of a car and scares everyone and Kreese gets on the phone and promises war.  


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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Tory: I know I should've come to see you, I just didn't know how to help.
Miguel: So you did nothing.
Tory: I felt guilty about everything, but we're doing everything we can to get back at Miyagi do for what they did to you. It's like what Sensei Kreese says, if one of us gets hurt, we all got hurt.
Miguel: Nobody else got hurt, Tory. I'm the one in a wheelchair.
Tory: Yeah, I just meant- 
Miguel: I know what you meant. I never cared about Miyagi Do or Kreese. I cared about us. 
Tory: Did you? Or were you just going out with me to get Sam's attention?

Captain: You got a death wish kid? 
Young Kreese: Not wishing for it, just not afraid of it. Some people can't tell the difference.