Three Senseis  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 8
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All three dojos train their kids with different methods and ideologies.

Robby is released from juvie and both Daniel and Johnny show up there to take him home. But they exchange words and get into again. Danny blames Johnny for what Kreese is doing. 

Robby overhears them bickering and tells him he doesn't want any parts of either of them.

Sam and Miguel get friendly again. They catch Yasmine and Demetri making out. 

Daniel works the kids too hard because he's thinking about Robby and how he failed him.

Miguel is still struggling to get back in top shape.

They canceled the All Valley Karate Tournament. There's a board that they have to talk to in order to change things. 

Robby sees Tory at his probation office. He wants to fight but they can't. She reminds him of how they both got here and blamed Sam. She accuses him of being in denial about who he is. 

   Miguel gets upset with Johnny when he tells Miguel that he can't fight yet. Carmen overhears it.

Johnny thinks maybe it's a good idea that the tournament is canceled but Carmen gives him a peptalk about it being his calling and other Miguel's needing him. She trusts and knows that Johnny has Miguel's best interest at heart and isn't mad at him or karate anymore. Absolved him of his guilt. 

The three senseis show up to talk about saving the competition but they get distracted by their rivalry. 

Kreese plays the veteran card and respectability card to appeal to the councilwoman, but it leads to Daniel and then Johnny discrediting Kreese's character and Amanda getting kicked out.

The councilwoman declines until Miguel gives an impassioned speech along with Sam. The tournament is back on. 

Sam and Miguel hang out at Miyagi Do and play fight with each other nearing a kiss when Robby shows up. He sees them and assumes that they're together and Sam gave up on him. 

   Robby wants to start off a fight. But Sam stops him.

Carmen shows up at Johnny's apartment happy about how the meeting went. She kisses him and they make out leading to his bedroom

Robby shows up at cobra kai.


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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Johnny: I don't ever want you to start the fight. I just want you to-- 
Kreese: Finish it.

Just don't forget. Being a badass doesn't mean being an asshole.