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While at an offsite venue, Mario overhears Angus' call to Heather for more Adderall (she has been using Campbells prescription pad to obtain the meds) and confronts him about his abuse. At the hospital, Leanne mediates between Jesse and Harbert about nursing concerns. When there's an explosion at the venue, everyone jumps into action. Before transferring to the tail car to treat the Senator's daughter, Angus starts unnecessary chest compressions on the Senator's wife, concerning Mario further. Leanne and Rollie upset the secret service when they refuse to move patients out of center stage until they're stabilized. The Senator is brought in by medevac, and taken up to radiology. The rest of the Stringers are brought in, Leanne chews Angus out for his mistake, but sends the secret service away. The other candidate, Governor Wesley, and his wife are brought in. The wife has signs of concussion and shock, but generally seems fine while the governor has severe crush injuries including a damaged abdominal aorta, he is quickly taken up to surgery by Campbell. Grace treats Mrs. Wesley, who is concerned about her husband. Stringer's daughter, who is also his campaign manager, is concerned about getting her phone back so she can work. Mike asks Mario if he's noticed anything off with Angus and Mario covers for him. Grace connects with Mrs. Wesley about her time in Haiti; Mrs. Wesley started the program that Grace went on. The Senator is concerned about Mrs. Wesley, but she is upset about his treatment of her husband and the betrayal of the former friendship when he visits. Christa overhears Grace tells Mrs. Wesley that Neal was supposed to go to Haiti with her. Mrs. Stringer is disturbed that her daughter and husband's reaction to the explosion is to make political hay. She reminds them that the Wesley's used to be their friends and that it's the daughter's fault that the friendship has fallen away. An ambulance brings in a janitor who wasn't allowed into the hospital because he didn't have ID. Christa takes him to CT. Grace and Mrs. Wesley connect further after Grace tells her that she has a bleed in her brain that they need to keep an eye on. Mario confronts Angus again, and Angus tells him to stay out of it. Malaya interrupts them, and Angus has a minor melt down, dispassionately claiming that it wouldn't matter if he killed someone. Christa tells the janitor, Juan, that he has some bleeding in his brainstem that they need to keep an eye on. He wants to call his wife, but the secret service has all outgoing calls on lockdown. Christa asks Neal to check on her patient. When she pushes him to reveal more about his past with Grace, he reveals that he asked her to marry him, but she said no, and so she went to Haiti on her own. Campbell calls Heather into his OR to confront her about her abuse of his prescription pad. He threatens to go to the DEA. Mrs. Stringer crashes, and Malaya and Mario find that she suffered trauma during the explosion that left a blood clot in her heart. The HVAD worked against it for a while, but there was nothing that could have been done. Mario finds Heather removing her name from surgical service and confronts her about her giving drugs to Angus. Leanne finds Taylor in her office, and asks for his help with finding money in the budget for the nurses. Mario goes to Mike about Angus and fills him in on the Adderall. Mrs. Wesley starts to decel at the same time as Juan. Both are rushed to center stage. Mike throws Angus out of center stage. Neal is the only surgeon available and must decide between the two. He ends up taking Mrs. Wesley up. When Campbell sees him scrubbing in, he assumes that he's there to help with the Governor. Neal refuses his demands to assist him. As Neal successfully works on Mrs. Wesley, the Governor continues to lose blood and flat lines. Campbell is unable to resuscitate him and calls TOD. Campbell breaks the news to Mrs. Wesley when she wakes up. Heather approaches Campbell, blackmailing him with pictures from their relationship and claiming that he abused his position for sex. It turns out that the explosion was caused by a gas leak and not a bomb. The Stringer's plan to stage a press conference, but end up going to visit Mrs. Wesley instead. Grace reassures Neal about his decision to take up Mrs. Wesley instead of Juan. Christa sees them in the hallway, and walks off when Neal notices her. She tells him that she doesn't want to be anybody's second choice. Leanne pitches a budget fix to Harbert, telling him that if he doesn't go along with her plan, she'll walk out too. Mike reassures Angus about Mrs. Stringer and tells him that he was wrong to make Angus keep the stalker's death a secret. Leanne tells Jesse the good news about the nursing budget and they share a quiet moment before the ER goes back into a code black. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Neal: Christa, you don't have to be insecure about this.
Christa: Don't. Please, don't -- don't do that. Do not cast me in the role of needy girlfriend. I am better than that and you know it.

Angus: Why don't you save your diagnosing for the hospital?
Mario: Fine. Plain English, you're being a dick.
Angus: Hmm.
Mario: And you have B.O. What are you popping?