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Neal is asking for restaurant recommendations for his visiting parents when an older lady, Susan, comes in from a fancy dinner with respiratory distress. Meanwhile, Taylor, Rorish, and Savetti tackle a construction worker, Mr. Gable, who fell off of a roof and impaled himself on rebar. He is also suffering from some amnesia. Susan, a doctor, codes after Malaya intubates her, Gable wants to put of anesthesia until his daughter's plane lands and he can speak to her. Neal and Malaya call TOD on Susan. More older couples in formal wear comes into the ER, with patients in respiratory distress, all from the same hotel. More patients stream in, Taylor and Neal quarantine them in a section of the ER, and Neal notices that they are all part of a neurological conference -- the same conference his parents are in town for. He calls his mother's phone and hears her ringtone from one of the curtains. Taylor sets up the quarantine, Malaya worries that they should be taking preventative measures, but Neal tells her it's too late at this point. One of the uninfected doctors starts ordering nurses around; it's Neal's father. The doctors and nurses rush to stock the containment area before it's sealed.

Neal takes care of his mother, who tries to keep the tone light. His father is disdainful of the ER and wants to call an old friend with a fancy pulmonary practice to give an assessment of the situation.

Taylor tells Rorish that health department is testing the hotel for Legionnaires and that the ER may be shut down for the first time in it's history. She rules out Legionnaires and other illnesses for various reasons. The two 

Mario and Angus attempt to use the bolt cutters to cut through the rebar in Mr. Gable. Rorish comes up and schools them on the proper method. 

Taylor recruits volunteers to staff the containment zone. Christa volunteers, and Jesse gowns her up before she goes in. 

Angus checks on Mr. Gable who insists on telling him about his daughter and their fight. He reiterates his desire to speak with her, and asks Angus to call her if he dies.

Malaya interviews a hotel worker who is also infected. A patient pulls off Christa's protective mask, and Neal rushes to her aid. She refuses his offer of a new mask, and continues with her work.

Angus checks on Gable, who is unconscious and vomiting. He calls for help and starts CPR. Mario arrives, and blames Angus for screwing something up. They restart his heart, and Angus notices a burn around the rebar -- Gable was electrocuted before he fell. As they start to move him out for surgery, they notice the rebar moving on it's own. It jostled when they rolled him for the defibrillator. It's now right up against his femoral artery.

Neal's father continues to make disparaging remarks about the ER and Neal's choices in life. Neal's mother goes into arrest, and Neal's father tries to give orders that Neal countermands.

Christa examines Susan's husband who is having chest pains. As he talks about his wife, Christa recognizes her work, and connects with him.

Rorish and Taylor discuss the status of the investigation, and she eavesdrops on his phone call with the CDC.

Neal's father wants to move his mother to another, posher hospital.As they argue, the hotel worker goes into distress. Malaya pulls off a difficult intubation with guidance from Neal, but they lose the patients pulse.

Angus updates Rorish on Gable, and is in the process of congratulating when she asks if they gave him any blood and he says no.

Christa, Malaya and Neal continue to work on the hotel employee with no success. Neal tries frantically to revive her, but eventually gives up and calls TOD.

Neal tells Taylor he doesn't think it's contagious -- no one new is showing symptoms. Taylor tells him that they'll get him anything he needs.

Neal examines Susan's husband, and determines that he's just experience some side effects from the stress of the day. Off to the side, he tells Christa the man is suffering from broken-heart syndrome, and there's nothing they can do but provide supportive care.

Angus and Rorish arrive in CT to find Mario attempting to stem the bleeding from Gable's leg. They take him to center stage, and Rorish quizzes the two on what they should do.

Neal makes the decision to intubate his mother.  His father objects, and Neal insists that she is his patient and that his father needs to stop interfering. He explains the procedure to his mother, and she consents, saying that she trusts him. Christa watches as he performs the intubation. She draws his attention to his father, who has broken down.

Christa tries to flatter Neal's father, and introduces him to Susan's husband. The two sit down and start talking. 

Rorish, Savetti, and Angus have to move forward with removing the rebar. They end up using the rebar to tighten a tourniquet around his leg. The vascular team finally arrives as they stop the bleeding. Rorish compliments the two interns as she leaves center stage.

Neal consults with Rorish about the infected patients. She reassure him that he is skilled enough to handle these patients. He reviews the caterer's chart and realizes there was a chlorine leak at the pool. He orders the contamination sheets be taken down, and orders new treatment for all the patients. 

Angus and Mario bond in the hallway after Gable. In the locker room, Angus questions Marion about why he stabbed him in the back over the thoracotomy. He responds that he thought they might both be tossed out of the program, and that he can't see himself doing anything else. He apologizes, and Angus accepts. Angus blows off Malaya and Christa to take Mario out for a beer. 

Neal checks on his mother, and his father apologizes for his behavior in the ER and for his treatment of Neal.

Rorish checks on Gable, and Jesse wakes him up to answer a call from his daughter. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh look -- from your mouth to the CDC's ears. Prepare for Code Brown, where the CDC crawls so far up my colon, I'll be crapping federal bureaucrats for a week.

Dr. Mark Taylor

All right, there's a protocol to follow here people. So let's remember our practice drills. Anybody who was within two meters of any one of these patients, get on that side. Those of you who aren't familiar with the metric system, that's eighty inches. Also, the height of Kobe Bryant.

Dr. Mark Taylor