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Angus wakes up from a nightmare to Heather standing over him. She gives him some aderall when the break room is out of coffee, and he reluctantly takes it. Shift starts as a code red, Leanne works on an accident victim. Christa and Grace have an awkward interlude discussing Neal in the locker room. Neal comes down to the ER for his first day on OR rotation. Campbell follows him down and makes him prove himself. Two people come in covered in blood, they're from a zombie convention where there was a scaffolding collapse. Mario bonds with the patients over zombie movies. A father and son are brought in. Angus solves the problem of figuring ouch which wounds are real and which are fake, impressing Mike. The father starts to crash, and the boy is removed from Center stage. Malaya does intake for a VIP patient who is experiencing abdominal pain and is in the midst of a "cooperative" divorce. Heather takes the father up to surgery. The man's fiance shows up, and the boy doesn't take it very well. Angus over hears Heather and Mario talking about how they don't hook up anymore. Leanne doesn't take well to being told to give the VIPs special treatment, and Habard says he'll treat the woman himself. Christa and Grace do intake for a boy brought in from a camp for troubled kids. He shows signs of abuse. The camp director gets upset when Christa starts asking questions. Grace tasks Christa to task for escalating the situation and Christa accuses her of letting personal feelings come into the situation. Malaya picks up on Christa's jealousy and tries to reassure her. Campbell and Neal work on the zombie dad, and Campbell isn't exactly supportive when complications occur. Harbert has the Stein's moved to a private room, and tries to overrule Malaya when she orders a pregnancy test. The wife insists on having on performed since she implanted the couple's last two embryo's without telling the husband. Mario tries to apologize to Angus while treating zombie girl, who requests more lidocaine. Mario tries to bitch about Heather while insisting that he doesn't like her, and Angus calls him on it. Mike praises Angus for his save with Ben Barton, and Angus pops the second ritalin as he walks away. Christa's patient starts vomiting and hyperventilating, and she gets him to admit to being abused by the camp director. Campbell does a postop checkin on Roseline, and asks out Grace. Luke objects to his father's fiance staying with him while he waits for his father. Susan collapses before Malaya can get her into a CT scan -- she has an ectopic pregnancy that has implanted on an ovary and ruptured. Her husband reacts badly, and Susan insists that he leave. Leanne refuses to let the husband into postop due to Susan's issues. Zombie woman asks Mario for more lido, but she crashes after the injection. Mario thinks it's anaphylactic shock, but Angus ids the problem as lidocaine toxicity. Mario confronts Angus about his manic behavior and out of character attitude. Grace, Christa, and a sherriff confront the camp director about the alleged abuse, but he maintains that the kid is lying. He leaves and Christa is upset that he's getting off. Leanne tells Jesse that there's no room in the budget for new nurses, and he accuses her of not fighting hard enough. Rollie takes Luke to visit his father, and Jesse talks to the fiance, who is waiting outside to give them time. Luke collapses and Neal rushes him to surgery for a splenectomy. Neal gets defensive when Campbell shows up in the OR. Campbell tells him that he's testing him to see if he can readjust from the quick and dirty methods of the ER to the finesse of the OR. Grace challenges Brody when Christa starts treating him for seizures. He was faking the whole time, but the ativan that Christa prescribed stops his heart. Grace explains to Christa why she doubtful about the boys story. When Christa admits she let Grace get to her, Neal reminds her that Grace is not her enemy. Habert takes Stein to visit Susan, and points out that this has brought them back together. Leanne encourages Harbert to visit the ER more often in order to connect with the patients and the ERs needs. Jesse and Luke explain zombie lore to Leslie in preparation for the wedding. Rollie performs the ceremony.  

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Angus: What's this?
Heather: Adderall.
Angus: You have ADHD?
Heather: No, I'm a surgeon who works thirty-six hour shifts.

Heather: Have you seen those videos of dogs dreaming? They're chasing something, and all of a sudden they just wake up, and they run straight into a wall. [laughs] It's hilarious.
Angus: Unless you're the dog.