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Leann takes a mental break as the ER enters the 36th hour of a code black. Taylor authorizes keeping the residents past the usual hours allowed. Two brothers are brought in from a MVC, one does not have an airway. Angus deals with a patient with a crushed pelvis, but Mario pushes him into performing a thoracotomy when the patient codes. In trauma one, one of the brothers dies and the other is taken to wait for CT. Gufrie walks in on Asher and Mario, who have opened up the patient to find a perfectly beating heart.

The attendings are upset about the procedure Angus performed, and banish him to the waiting room as Mario stands by, silent about his own role , Malaya is tasked with notifying the mother of the two boys that she needs to come to the hospital. A prisoner is brought in with kidney failure resulting from organ rejection after his transplant. Angus is overwhelmed in the waiting room. Leanne handles the actual death notification. The mother blames Kevin, the surviving son.

Jesse comforts Leanne, who is affected by the similarity of the MVC case to her own family. Malaya confronts Mario about not standing up for Angus. The stripper in the waiting room flirts with Angus. A girl comes in unconscious with a fever of 108*F from an MDMA induced heat stroke. The tox report comes back on Kevin; he was drunk at the time of the accident, making his brother's death manslaughter. Christa treats the prisoner, who tries to freak her out. He starts to code and she hesitates before treating him. Taylor wants the dead brother's body moved to free the room, Jesse objects, and Leanne goes to gently remove the mother from the room. The MDMA girl's fever isn't coming down quickly enough for Mario, but he's surprised and shocked when her friend walks up to him bleeding from her eyes, nose, and mouth. 

The second concert girl is having a reaction to the MDMA as well. She has a pulmonary embolism. Mario hesitates in how to treat her as Neal pushes him through the process. Angus admits his lack of confidence to a reassuring Gufrie. Kevin starts to crash but can't be moved to CT so Leanne and Malaya have to find another way to diagnose what's wrong with him. Christa wants to give the prisoner over to the care of another doctor, but Neal won't take her off his service. Angus helps a patient going into anaphylactic shock in the waiting room. He has a moment of hesitation but manages to pull of the tricky intubation after he starts singing to himself as a calming technique. The rest of the team working on the patient joins in. Christa stands up to the prisoner, surprising both of them. Malaya updates Leanne on Kevin. Leanne share her own story with the boy's mother to help her move on and care for the son remaining. Mario reassures his grandmother that he's getting along with his coworkers, quickly hanging-up when Angus comes in. The stripper tries to flirt with Angus as he's leaving, but he notices signs of concussion and admits her. Malaya gets picked up by her girlfriend. Kevin's mom sits with him and comforts him. Jesse and Leann share a moment as they leave the hospital. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Christa Lorenson: Do I have time to go to the bathroom?
Dr. Malaya Pineda: Adult diapers.That's what I wear.

Dr. Mark Taylor: We're in the thirty-sixth hour of a code black. Not kosher, I know, but I gotta send the residents into extra innings.
Dr. Leanne Rorish: Since when have you ever worried about that?
Dr. Mark Taylor: Well, I'm the boss. I gotta pretend to worry, don't I?