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Dr. Taylor is being put on paid suspension after not calling social services for little Randall. His temporary replacement is Gina Perello. Maya treats Frank Irving, who has been stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife. His family arrives after a home invasion -- the son, Pete, jumped out of a second story window, and the wife, Karen, also has knife wounds. Pete has a dislocated hip and broken legs. The knife has just missed Franks heart, and the team carefully starts to move him to the OR. As he's saying goodbye to his family, a nurse turns and bumps into the gurney, displacing the knife. As Cole and Leanne work on Frank, Guthrie puts Pete's hip back into place. 

The sheriff interviews Karen and Pete. Pete is concerned about which of the men the sheriffs killed. Karen doesn't think Pete should be talking to the police so soon. Pete recounts his story, breaking down and blaming himself for his father's injuries. Taylor is interviewing Perello. The police bring in a man who was pulled from a flight with the rest of bachelor party for drunkenness. A singer, Lawrence, is brought in with a sore throat, Leanne thinks he may have an abscess. Leanne finds Guthrie watching Cole in surgery on  Frank. Guthrie asks Leanne how she broke through and made a connection with Cole, which she denies having done. A man with melanoma and dementia is brought in, he was found unconscious by his son. Christa diagnosis him with sepsis pneumonia. The cast of the Lion King visit Lawrence. Leanne brings the bad news that he does have an abscess, and that they'll need to do a very delicate surgery to save him. The drunk man's fiance (Rachel) has arrived, and is upset with the friend, Matt. Leanne shares a story about her family with Lawrence, but freezes when his wife asks about her son. She leaves and Jesse meets her in the hallways where she recalls receiving personal items after the accident. Jesse breaks into (off key) song to cheer her up. The senile cancer patient is disassociated, and Neal and Christa come and tell his son that there are limited options. Jeremy doesn't react well to the idea of palliative care. Malaya drains Lawrence's abscess, but when she removes the needle, he starts bleeding profusely. She freezes.

Leanne gives Malaya the lead, and they stop the bleeding. Pete asks Mario to let his mother sleep, and denies being a hero when Mario praises him.  Mario frames it so that he understands the amazing-ness of what he did. Jesse talks to Malaya about her freezing, warning her to not do it again. Christa asks to speak to to the cancer patient's son, telling Neal that she doesn't have to pretend that she knows what he's going through. Mario tries to flirt with Perello in the lunchroom. Angus notices some marks around Karen's eye, and questions Mario why he didn't order a CTA. Malaya, Angus, and Jesse gossip about Perello and the politics of the hospital. Jesse finds Angus in the ambulance bay, and Jesse advises him to tell Leanne about his suspicions. He then offers to take Karen to CT, and keep it a secret if the results are negative. Christa shares her son's story with Jeremy, but he insists on continuing care. The drunk bachelor starts seizing and Angus is befuddled about what is causing it. 

The cancer patient (Edwin) regains lucidity and tells Jeremy a proverb about warranties and cars. Angus questions Rachel about what else her fiance might have taken and she reveals that he was smuggling cocaine. Angus calls for an endoscope. The CT results come back on Karen, but mario doesn't look at them since he didn't order them. Leanne and Mario take a patient who has been impaled with a firework. Edwin starts to decline and Neal describes what sepsis is to Jermey. Leanne and Cole argue over who should do what with the  fireworks kid, and he tries to poach Neal up to surgery. Karen starts to seize, and Mario can't tell Leanne why. Neal calls Malaya to assist Christa and heads up to surgery. On the elevator, Neal and Cole realize that the firework is ignited and hasn't gone off yet. 

Neal and Cole keep dumping water on the firework. Mario pretends that he did spot the petechiae and ordered the CTA when Leanne asks. Neal fixes the surgical resident's mistake of pulling out the firework. Cole threatens to "steal" him from the ER. Jesse tells Mario and Angus to work out their issues. Edwin starts to have problems breathing, and Neal explains the problems with his treatment to Jeremy. Mario asks why Angus noticed the petechiae.Angus thought it was likely the home invaders tried to rape Karen. Leanne speaks to Karen about her brain injury and how it occurred. Karen describes the sexual assault to Leanne, insisting that Frank and Pete can't know.

The bachelor, Aaron, wakes up to the news that he had a heart attack, that Rachel ran, and that he's under arrest. Frank wakes up and his family visits him in the SICU. Rollie and Leanne congratulate Cole on saving the family. Leanne asks Cole why he asked her out, and he responds that he's interested in her. He tries to get her to meet him for breakfast, and she still insists that she isn't ready. Jeremy agrees to a DNR for his father and asks if they have any music for while his father passes. Leanne speaks to Lawrence, and the cast of The Lion King sings to Edwin as the machines are turned off.

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Never wait for a test to form an opinion. Machines don't diagnose patients. We do.

Dr. Leanne Rorish

I tried exercise once. It didn't take.

Dr. Mark Taylor