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Jesse schools the residents in respect for the ER before the Saturday night rush. The residents discuss the mystery of Rorish's family tragedy. The first two patients of the evening come in. One of the patients ends up requiring a thoracotomy in the ER.

Taylor wants to know why the female MVA patient hasn't been admitted yet. A new patient is brought in after passing out at the gym. An old woman is brought in from a nursing home after swallowing almost four dollars in coins. Mario diagnoses the athlete with seizures. Rorish's MVA patient's wife comes in with their autistic daughter. 

The female MVA patient, Laura, was on her way to the hospital before the accident. They find an ovarian torsion. They only have three hours to save her ovary. The athlete's team doctor shows up and wants the diagnosis taken off the chart. As Rorish shows up to deal with his insistence at being released, he seizes. 

Mario is outside pouting over getting booted from the case, and Jesse gives him a speech about learning the big lessons. 

Taylor lets Christa know there's an OR for Laura, but no surgeons. Christa tries to convince Hudson to do the surgery. She's assigned three patients while she works on him.

Mario is brought back onto the case, the hockey player is suffering from parenchymal hemmorages.

Angus and Malaya disagree over a patients diagnosis. Malaya thinks it's a muscle spasm or a fracture, but Angus thinks it could be his heart. He doesn't speak up when Rorish comes around for an update.

Mario updates the hockey player, and warns him that the next concussion he receives could kill him. 

Christa tries to convince Rorish that Hudson should perform the surgery when a teenager is brought in from a climbing accident. 

Rorish improvises a tamponade for the kid. 

Christa gets too personal with Rorish while she's arguing for Laura's surgery. Rorish and Hudson agree to do the procedure laproscopially.

Mario shares a moment with the hockey player who is concerned about his future. 

The patient with the back pain is escalating. Angus was right, and he's having an aortic dissection. 

Rorish rushes into CT as Malaya and Angus are about to perform a procedure. She steps in to show them how to do it properly.

Hudson performs the detorsion, and lets Christa assist. As they remove the lap sleeve, they reveal a nicked artery, meaning Hudson will have to go back in. Christa remembers the move Rorish pulled with the urinary catheter, and they stop the bleeding. 

Christa tries to share a moment with Rorish after Laura wakes up. 

The thoracotomy patient and his family come down to the ER to meet the team.

Code Black
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Gangrene is my jam!

Dr. Christa Lorenson

Dr. Edward Darius: I play racquetball with Ed Harbert, CEO of this hospital.
Dr. Mark Taylor: Did you know only one percent of males can perform auto-fellatio?