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Christa is late, and on duty with the "code bag" meaning that she must respond to all of the crash calls outside of the ER. She's apprehensive about the assignment after over indulging with Neal at the diner. Two patients are brought in by Medevac after capsizing their boat. The young man has been without a pulse for twenty minutes and is so cold that his temperature doesn't register. The girl is in stage III hypothermia and has a femur fracture. The nurse find an engagement ring in the boy's pocket, and Angus wants to tell the girl. Mario objects. The machines go off as the boy's temperature improves, but Rorish cuts off the guy's early celebration. She finds a splenic laceration that will require surgery. Malaya does a neuro exam on the girl, Sophie, who is only worried about her boyfriend, Killian. She tells Malaya and Neal how Killian saved her. 

Malaya has organized a bone marrow drive for Carla, but hasn't told her about it. Angus encourages her to tell her girlfriend. 

Christa catches a cervical fracture on a transfer patient, and leaves the woman's son in Dr. Taylor's care when she gets called on a code. 

Angus asks Mario if he's heard the latest gossip about Sophie and Killian in front of a new admit. The patient Ted, is suffering from shortness of breath and exhaustion. He is HIV+ and keeps quoting movies.

Christa gets called to a simple code, and is appalled that the dermatologist treating the patient didn't know what to do.

Cole doesn't agree with Leanne that Killian needs surgery immediately. She asks what happened to him in San Francisco, and he gets defensive.

Angus and Mario are examining Ted, and Mario sticks himself during a blood draw.

Mario tells Ted that he isn't reporting the stick because he doesn't want to deal with the paperwork when Ted confronts him about it. He''s putting Ted on an external pacemaker. Ted tries to get Mario to see the seriousness of the situation and bitches about his Facebook feed.

Killian crashes as his spleen starts to rupture. Rorish orders him taken to center stage when she finds out no ORs are available, and for Cole to be called down. 

Mario calls in a Truvada prescription for himself under Angus's ID.

Carla shows up at the ER, upset that Malaya has organized the bone marrow drive. They argue about Carla's treatment and the effects on the baby.

Cole agrees to do the splenectomy in the ER, but loses his temper when a nurse doesn't immediately bring the blood he orders. Jesse makes Cole apologize to the nurse before they begin the procedure. Sophie has gotten out of bed and is walking down the hall towards Killian. Malaya gets her unto a gurney and leaves her outside of center stage where she can see what's happening. Cole and Leanne flirt during the surgery.

Ted worsens. They decide to insert a pacing catheter. Ted mentions that Mario is mad at him, but when Guthrie questions him about it, he says he's mad at himself. 

Taylor bonds with the boy about divorcing parents. 

Christa gets paged to the car accident victim's room. She's in a halo and it's locked with a key that nuero has. She has to figure out how to intubate around it.

Sophie starts to decel. Her leg is bleeding internally where the bone sheared the artery, and it was exasberated by her walking on it. Malaya, Neal, and Leanne try to reduce the fracture, but it's stuck on a tendon. The need to use a C-scope to visualize the break and fix it.

Christa tries to call Neal for help with her patient, but he doesn't pick up. She manages to secure the airway on her on, and Rebecca starts to improve. 

Malaya operates the C-scope, and the break is set, saving Sophie's leg. 

Angus confronts Mario about using his prescription id for the Truvada. Mario admits to the stick, but Angus is insulted that Mario hid the incident from him. 

Taylor brings the kid to his mother, and Christa runs into Neal in the hall. He apologizes for ignoring her call, and for things being awkward between them, which she denies is a problem. 

Ted asks Mario to tell him about himself, because he recognizes himself in Mario. Mario reveals that his parents were criminally neglectful when he was a child, and Ted warns him to let people in or he'll end up alone. Ted flatlines suddenly and Mario starts CPR, to no avail.

Jesse and Malaya talk about her relationship with Carla. 

Killian wakes up, and proposes to Sophie, who accepts. 

Guthrie reassures Mario about Ted. 

Cole asks Leanne out, and she declines. He tells her he knows about her past, and that he understands she's not ready. 


Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Excrement just made physical contact with an air current distribution device, kid.

Dr. Mark Guthrie

Randall: Will you take me to Grauman's Chinese? That's where we were headed.
Dr. Mark Taylor: I'm working. Do you have any idea what a job is? Have you ever, you know, raked leaves, or had a paper route?
Randall: What's a paper route?
Dr. Mark Taylor: God, I'm old.