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A girl, Anita, is dumped at Angel's after taking a beating as part of a gang initiation. During her exam, the doctors discover that she is thirty-five weeks pregnant, but Anita had no idea. At first she refuses to accept that she's about to have a baby. But when she tries to leave the hospital AMA, her placenta tears, and the docs have to perform an emergency c-section. She still refuses to have anything to do with the baby. Elliot tries to reassure her that not everybody is judging her by telling her that he was put into the system when he was two, never knew his birth parents, but doesn't blame that all for their decision. Her half brother shows up, and Anita is convinced to keep the baby and move in with him.

Malaya treats a little boy who first presented with a cold, but is showing signs of liver damage. She tries to bring Charlotte in on the case, but Campbell has ordered her to stay away from patients unless she is under the direct supervision of an attending physician. When the mother shows up, she blames the father for giving the boy too much cough syrup, but it turns out that the boy snuck into the medicine cabinet and drank the whole bottle in an attempt to make himself better faster so that his parents wouldn't fight about him being sick. When mom finds out that dad has gone ahead with     testing to see if he is a compatible match, the family seems to begin a healing process. 

Ethan treats a malnourished woman who insists that she's dead. He has no reason to hold her after her psych eval, but the Dr. Nolan from psych suggests that there may be a physical cause at the root of "Janie's" delusion. Before Ethan can finish exploring the possibility, Campbell releases Janie without his knowledge. She ends up back in the ER after being hit by a car. She wanders down to the boiler room during the ECMO procedure, but then disappears, leaving Ethan worried. 

After a boiler blows up in the basement of Angels, Mario and Noa head down to help a trapped maintenance man. Noa has to squeeze into the small space where Barry is trapped on her skateboard, with a bleed kit strapped to her leg. When the fire department arrives, they discover that Barry has severe internal bleeding from a wound to his heart. Ethan wants to put him on ECMO so that the doctors can get him to the OR without him dying, but Campbell puts the kibosh on the plan, saying the ECMO machine is too large and too delicate to move. Ethan than proposes using a military prototype, but Campbell still objects. Ethan risks his position at Angels and goes ahead with the plan without approval. it ends up working, and Campbell shows up to take Barry to the OR and finish the surgery himself. Heather had defied his commands in order to get in on a ground breaking surgery, and Campbell ends up suspending her from the OR and from the trauma team.

Mike made Angus his medical proxy, and it turns out he has a living will. Their father wants to take over as proxy and has his lawyer draw up the paper. He doesn't think that Angus has what it takes to make the hard decisions the family is facing. Angus comes close to signing the papers, but in the end decides that Mike chose him for a reason, and that he should honor that decision.


Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Noa: Barry? I'm Dr. Kean.
Barry: You're a doctor? You look twelve.

Ethan: A soy taco? What the hell's that?
Charlotte: This is Los Angeles. It's not uncommon.
Ethan: This is occupied northern Mexico, young Lady. I'm not saying we should give it back. But please, a little respect.