A City Wide Blackout - Code Black Season 2 Episode 11
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Leanne visits Jesse at his new job, work as a scrub nurse with a plastic surgeon. She tries to get him to come back, but he refuses to take action without Campbell's go ahead. He preps a breast cancer survivor for reconstruction, and during the procedure, he is the first to notice that she is experiencing complications from the anesthetic. He ends up riding into the ER with her and assisting with her treatment, effortlessly sliding into his old role with Leanne.  When the power goes out, his assistance becomes even more necessary, but Campbell tries to prevent him from helping at every turn.

Ethan is treating a 92 year old woman with a pelvic fracture and calls in Amanda for an assist when she seems to be confusing him with her dead husband. They figure out that she was at Fort Stevens when it was attacked, and Ethan concludes that she doesn't suffer from dementia but that her memory lapses are due to the severe blood loss from the trauma of her fall. Amanda urges him to talk to her about his service in Afghanistan and to play along with Blanche's delusion that it is 1942 and that he is her lost love. They carry her up to the surgical floor, but are unable to treat her in time. 

The blackout means that the hospital has to be evaucated since the backup generators are still out for repairs. Campbell is stressed about getting ahold of his daughter, and Jesse tries to reassure him. Leanne butts heads with the head of the urgent care facility that Angels' is sending it's patients too. After losing a patient that Dr. Kerry decided to take a conservative course of treatment with instead of heeding Leanne's advice, she changes her tune.

Angus connects with a pretty young doctor at the Urgent Care Center, helping her make a diagnosis with a tricky patient. She's impressed with him and agrees to go out for a coffee. 

Noa administer a hefty dose of Diuladid to a kidney stone patient, who keeps getting into sheneagians when the ER is evacuated. Mario's patient becomes critical on the way to the nearby urgent care center, and he and Noa have to perform emergency surgery in the back on an ambulance. He worries that he pushed her into it like he did with Angus and the dry thorcotomy, but eventually realizes it was the only course of action to save their patient.

Campbell ends up asking Jesse to come back.

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Leanne: What are you wearing?
Jesse: It's called "chartreuse."

Leanne: You're only going to have a skeleton crew. Use Jesse.
Ethan: And piss of Campbell? Now why would I do that?