A College Student - Code Black
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Malaya treats a young woman who is brought in unconscious after being attacked. Her patient's situation brings up unpleasant memories of her own attack, but with Leanne's advice and support, she uses her own experiences to help the girl. Two young men are brought in. One is unconscious and is fingered as the attacker by the other young man and his girlfriend. The attacked girl asks her savior what happened but is unsatisfied when he refuses to explain. She gets out of bed and finds the other man handcuffed and screams at him until she collapses. Later the EMTs return her keys which got left behind in the ambulance. The docs notice that they're bloody. They figure out that the unconscious boy is the one that actually saved her. The girlfriend believes the story because she remembers her boyfriend looking at Joy at the party. The doctors struggle with how they missed certain signs and were quick to believe the first boy's story and condemn the second. Joy ends up sitting by her savior's bedside until he awakes.

Mario and Elliot treat a comic who has diverticulitis. Elliot has an interest in comedy, and the comic and his friends like him even though his jokes aren't the best. When he comes out of surgery, Elliot and Mario try to punk his friends at his request, but Mario can't keep it up.

Mike awakes, but can't feel his legs. Surgery is needed, but it's not without risks. Mr. Leighton is opposed and wants a few days to think about it, Angus advocates for the procedure and Leanne backs him up. Mike reminds everybody that he's awake now and capable of making his own decisions. Mr. Leighton deals with the stress of parenting adult children and not being in control anymore. Mike explains to Angus why (and when) he made him his medical proxy.

A patient of Campbell's is brought into the ER experiencing a major seizure. She has cancer that has metastasized to her brain. She's spoken to him about end of life options, but he's not supportive. Ethan is sad about her choice but supportive. When her mother arrives and tries to forbid it, he talks to her. He tells her about his mother and her ALS, and points out that choosing to die with dignity takes just as much strength as fighting. The mother acquiesces, and Ethan provides the medication. Campbell is pissed that he went through with it, but seems to finally accept it, admitting that he wished he had the chance to say goodbye.

Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Joy: Everyone's going to think it's my own fault.
Malaya: No. No. You did nothing wrong.
Joy: I'm just a slut who got drunk at a party.
Malaya: Let me tell you something, Joy. You fought back.

You are exactly the right doctor to care for her. Nobody else knows her situation like you do. So use your memories to help her. But don't get lost in them.

Leanne [to Malaya]