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Two landslide victims, part of a rescue team, are brought in. Once she regains consciousness, the woman (Liz) accuses the guy (Rick) of killing her fiance, a fellow member of the rescue team. Rick insists that he didn't kill Drew, his best friend, but that he couldn't save them both. He starts to doubt himself, thinking maybe his feelings for Liz impacted his decision making. After Liz needs an emergency splenectomy, Drew is brought into the hospital. He tells Rick that he's the one that let go. 

Vince is brought in once again with alcohol related injuries. Mario treats him, saying that the rules prohibiting family members don't apply since he doesn't consider his father to be his family. Vince hits on Noa throughout his treatment. They clean up his injuries, and his CT test comes back clear. Mario ends up writing him a check and telling Vince that he's done with him, whether he gets clean or not. Later, Vince codes, and Mario watches as Noa performs CPR. After 40 minutes, Mario calls TOD. He visits his father's body in the morgue, upset that Vince disrupted his life. Angus joins him, and insists on comforting Mario despite his resistance. Eventually, Mario breaks down into Angus' hug. 

Ethan keeps expressing his desire to leave Angels' and get back to Afghanistan. He complains about how patients try to tell him things, claiming he just wants to do his job and go home with out learning anybody's personal business. At the end of the episode, Jesse points out that the team at Angel's is as much of a war-bound family as Ethan's team in Afghanistan, and that they could use somebody with his experience with losing a coworker. They bond over beer.

Angus' head isn't in the game, as he's still focused on Mike's welfare. He and Elliot supervise a group of kids who are brought in with a mysterious rash at the insistence of grandma. When grandma collapses, they take her to center stage, thinking it's an MI and not realizing that it's complications from measles. The grandson (and several other children) hadn't been immunized. With Angus' slipup in mind, Campbell puts Elliot in charge of their patient. Angus' takes his demotion to the passenger seat a little too seriously, and doesn't stop Elliot when he derides the mother for trusting chat rooms over medical science on the topic of the dangers of vaccines. Leanne interrupts and chews Angus out for not guiding Elliot, telling him that teaching first years is how second years learn. He later guides Elliot through placing a temporary pacemaker, reassuring the younger man when he has doubts.

Malaya is still noticing Rollie's tremors, which he continues to brush off. He relates to their shared patient, a taxi driver who is losing his vision to macular degeneration. Jesse has also noticed the tremors and counsels Malaya to let Rollie come to her. Unfortunately, Jesse has no patience and confronts Rollie himself. Rollie continues to dodge their questions, blaming a combination of caffeine and low blood sugar for his sharking hands. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Ethan: It's been two weeks and I can't stop thinking about Charlotte. You expect that kind of thing in war, but...
Jesse: But an American city in 2016? Is there a difference?

Jesse: I mean, seriously, why you keep bringing up this thing about you leaving?
Ethan: 'Cause I don't want you to get too attached, sweetheart.