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Noa treats a dancer that she's admired since childhood, but struggles with insisting on medical care that will likely curtail his career. Guthrie points out that her job is to be a doctor and not a patron of the arts, but her unresolved feelings about her own dancing career cloud her judgment. Mario tries to be there for her, but struggles to not fix things for her. Noa finally is able to act when the patient collapses as he's leaving AMA, and performs the thoracotomy herself as Mario watches with pride. 

Ethan and Rox head out to a crash site where they're shocked that there were actually two different accidents. Rox is upset with Ethan when he goes into the water to rescue a victim from the first crash without listening to her objections. Rox heads back with the victims of the first crash, a congressman and his aide. When the wife shows up, it's clear that the relationship between the congressman and the young woman with him was more than professional. But when the staffer wakes up she accuses him of leaving her there to die. She got the job after being a student of the congressman's wife. Jesse convinces the wife to stop putting up with her husbands faults and she decides to support her former student if she decides to go public with the story.

Ethan stays behind with the other couple, who aren't actually a couple. The two were on their way to spread the ashes of her husband and his best friend. While treating them, Ethan realizes that Danny is in love with his friend's widow, but is afraid to say anything. He urges him to come clean to her and gives him advice based on his own experience living your life for somebody else. In the end, the widow comes clean about her feelings first, and Ethan takes them up to the rooftop to spread the ashes there. 

Angus is excited about a patient who comes in and claims to be psychic, but not so assured of his surgical skills. He's essentially hiding out in the ER under the guise of rounding for surgical patients. But Campbell finds him in the lounge and calls hi out. Despite his self doubt, Mario has total faith in his friend. Angus finds his confidence when Campbell hands off the most difficult part of the surgery to him and makes a comment that reminds Angus of something the psychic said. 

The psychic patient sees the beauty in the ER, her tumor reinterpreting the smooth team work into brightly colored, highly choreographed song and dance routines. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Elliot, you need to stop thinking about it. Detective Gomez is dead and you can't bring him back. Whatever mistakes you made, let them go. Or you'll just end up making more.


Avila: You know my dad's given a lot of money to this hospital, how much more would he have to give to fix the whole thing? Never be in code black again?
Campbell: Two billion.
Avila: Wow
Campbell: A year.

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