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Ethan isn't doing well after the revelation about Robert's time in Afghanistan and his father's denouncement. He keeps pushing Rox away, even lashing out at her when she tries to help him. He finds himself projecting onto a patient who doesn't want to tell her son that her brain cancer is back, feeling that she's not being fair to him and giving him the chance to be with her as she dies. She feels guilty about up-ending his life during her last go-round with cancer and wants to give him the chance to follow his dreams. Ethan goes head to head with Will about informing the son, getting pulled off the case in the end. He goes to apologize to the patient, who tries to give him another perspective on why his father sent his brother away when their mother was ill. The son canceled his plans, having figured out that his mother was sick again and deciding to stay. 

Rox shadows Leanne for the day and helps treat an action star and his after they are in a car accident. Their daughter walks on on her father and his agent in an intimate embrace and freaks out, feeling even more betrayed when she finds out that her mom was also in on the secret. Rox counsels the girl, and she eventually ends up forgiving her parents. 

Ariel is despondent, so Leanne asks Will if Emily can try to help her with her grief about Max. Ariel isn't happy when she finds out about the plotting, and Emily isn't thrilled that her dad expected her to lie to her friend. Ariel finally talks to Leanne and it's apparent that although she's grieving Max, she's more upset about the possibility of being taken from Leanne and has displaced that as anger at Leanne for supposedly lying to her. Although Leanne has a clearer picture of the problem at the end of the episode, she doesn't have any way to alleviate the girl's fears. 

Angus gets the shock of a lifetime when a former one night stand shows up in the ER and tells him that her son is also his. Mario is skeptical about her claim and urges his friend to have a paternity test down, but Angus is bent on helping Yvonne's son regardless. Through his perseverance, they find out that the boy has a hereditary arrhythmia, but his paternity is left unresolved. Angus isn't ready to be a father but tells Mario that he'll "do the right thing" if the test comes back positive. 

Elliot's day doesn't start well when the jury in his lawsuit is obviously moved by the widow's testimony. Diego is intent on filming everything about the movie star's case, especially about how he's secretly gay, and Guthrie is pissed when he finds him lurking outside the patient's room, covertly filming. He kicks him out of the hospital, telling him he needs to work on his humanity and compassion. Later, Diego pages Guthrie and Elliot to the lounge, where he's waiting with the lawsuit widow. He's convinced her to drop the case by showing her the footage of her husband's treatment and Elliot's reaction to his death. Guthrie reluctantly gives him another chance, but tells him he still needs to work on his attitude. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Jesse: You got time for social media, you ain't doing your job.
Diego [arrogantly]: I can multitask.

Rox: I thought you just might need...
Ethan: A shoulder to cry on? No. Not really my style.