A Wildfire In the Mountains - Code Black
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Elliot is still in his head about the lawsuit, and it's affecting his work more than ever. He's overly hesitant with patients, which causes him to struggle through procedures. Leanne finally has enough when he runs up to the surgical floor looking for confirmation of his diagnosis instead of just tackling the procedure head on. She pulls him off patient care. Jesse advocates for him to have another chance, but Leanne is running out of patience and will only agree to give him another week to prove himself. 

After meeting Ethan's father at his house, Rox and Willis head out to the front lines of a forest fire. They find a man who has been separated from his six year old son, and refuse to give up the search for the boy even after they get caught in a burnover. They are saved by the fire shelter, but on their way back to safety, Ethan notices a sign post for the ranger station and they head back towards the flames one more time. They find the boy hiding in the cabin and are able to get him to safety. Rox advises Ethan to cut his dad some slack on their differences on what to do with his brother's house. 

Angus is still struggling with his relationship with Will, and goes to Mario for advice, but the ER doc loses his temper with his friend. Angus takes Mario's advice to "manage up" even if it was given with a nasty attitude, and at the end of the day, after Mario apologizes, Will takes his protege into his confidence about his daughter and his exwife. 

Leanne is struggling to find balance between work and taking care of Ariel, and is stressed by an interview with their DCFS case worker, who disapproves of Ariel's volunteering at Angels. Mario is frustrated by Ariel's presence because he feels like a babysitter with her, and isn't sure how her presence affects his relationship with Leanne. Ariel performs CPR on a patient with a DNR, causing more stress, but the experience leads her to the realization that she wants to be a doctor. 

An injured firefighter and her father mirror Leanne and Ariel's situation to an extent, with the father feeling guilty about how his influence may have inadvertantly led to her injury, but after her surgery the daughter points out that she had agency in the decision to pursue her career. 

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Code Black Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Rox: Well, at least I'm getting my steps in.
Ethan: The rare upside to a forest fire.

Dr. Stoval: Yeah, years from now, your generation will known as the one that killed journalism.
Ariel: Hey man, I get it. Magazines were different in your days, before the invention of the camera.