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Ariel shows up at Angel's after calling the EMTs when her friend Joy ODs. Because she stayed to take care of her friend, she ends up getting arrested for breaking and entering. Leanne is just relieved to know that she's safe, even though Ariel keeps insisting that she's not really back. Leanne finally agrees to let the cops take Ariel because the building has to be evacuated. At the adoption hearing, the whole team shows up to support Leanne. The judge is not disposed to grant her custody, but Leanne makes an impassioned speech. The judge asks Ariel what she wants, and the girl, moved by Leanne's words, asks to go home with her mom. 

Ethan is released from his psych hold but is still hallucinating his dead brother. He's surprised that Martin has come to pick him up, but his father apologizes for their earlier fight and reassures Ethan that he'll always be there for him. Ethan insists on heading to Angels to see Rox. He gets sidelined in the ER with Noa's case but heads up to find Rox after the plane hits the building. His vision of his brother harasses him the entire way. He finally reaches Rox and helps her treat her physical therapist, who has been injured. The three of them head to the roof to be evacuated. Later, he struggles to express his feelings to Rox but ultimately chases down the car as she's about to leave. He is finally able to admit that he needs her. 

Mario is struggling with the breakup, but Noa is still determined to pursue her dream of a prestigious OB residency. She heads to dinner with Mr. Avila, thinking that it's another step in the recruitment process and that Diego and a representative from the Philly hospital will be joining them. She's uncomfortable when he mentions that both had to "cancel" and starts to feel woozy. Mr. Avila tries to take her up to his suite, telling a waiter that she's had too much to drink, but she makes a break for it. Unfortunately, she gets into her car and ends up in an accident. Mario is frantic when she's brought in, and outraged when he finds out what happened. Noa ultimately goes to HR about the incident and is surprised when Diego volunteers to accompany her to the police precinct to file charges. She is now hesitant to pursue the program in Philadelphia, but Mario encourages her since it is what's best for her career, but also reassures her that he loves her and that they'll find a way to make the relationship work. 

Angus is booted back to the ER after his stunt coercing consent from a patient. He decides to fight for his residency and goes to make his case to Will. He manages to get back on surgical rotation and ends up saving Will after the plane crash. The two share a moment after Will is injured when the older doctor confesses his admiration for Angus and his compassion. 


Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Listen to me. You're my son. No matter how much you piss me off or push, I will always love you. And there's nothing you can do to change that.


You know, I've never found on -- a real hero. There are people all around us who do heroic things, and then they go right back to being human. It's the second part, Colonel, living among the rest of us, that you need to work on. And it's gotta be you that does the work. Nobody can do it for you.

Dr. Marchant [to Ethan]