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Rox and Ethan head out to a road rage accident which took out two cars and a motorcycle. The first victims blame the motorcyclist, but it becomes clear that there's more to the story. The older daughter of the first family is clearly uncomfortable around her step father, and after he gets into a physical fight with the motorcyclist in the ER, she comes clean to Ethan that he was actually the one to cause the accident. The wife seems aware of her husbands temper but has a bit of a "stand by you man" mentality, and attributes her older girl's attitude towards him to a difficult divorce. After the man in the other vehicle dies during surgery, the daughter, Danica, stands up to her step father and tells him that she doesn't want him to come home with them. He becomes enraged and calls her a little bitch, sparking her mother to finally stand up for her. She corroborates the daughters story and tells her husband that he'll be going to jail. 

The wife of the victim in the second car faints after she hears her husband is in surgery. She reveals to Jesse and Ariel that she and her husband were in counseling and expresses regret that their last conversation was a fight and that she never got to apologize or say good-bye. She's bereft when she finds out her husband died, but Jesse is able to bring her back with some good news -- she's six weeks pregnant. 

Max gets upset when Ariel asks him if he has cancer, but the two later make up when she sneaks him to the cafeteria's pantry for ice cream. Leanne finds them and is initially upset, but softens when Max tells her that he has cancer. 

Ethan meets Rox's aunt, who runs a Korean food truck. She's enamored of the doctor and teaches him to make her kimchi. 

Elliot gets sued, and Avila is a jerk about it at first. He butts in after Guthrie's advice to focus on the medicine and not worry about the suit by talking about how sympathetic a case it is. But later, he tells Elliot he likes him and offers to take the fall. Elliot refuses the offer, wanting to take responsibility for his own actions. 

Avila sneaks in a pop star as his VIP private patient, but Guthrie finds him out and is able to correctly diagnose and treat the girl. The older doctor gives Avila a lecture on entitlement and respect, but it's unclear how much of an impact it made. 

Will's ex-wife shows up wanting to see their daughter, but he refuses. She tries to talk Angus into helping her, playing up how hard and emotionally distant Will can be to get him on her side, but he doesn't take the bait. After losing a patient in surgery, Will takes Angus to the gym to try and teach him to not bottle up his feelings about what happens in the OR because doing so can lead to problems in your personal life. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Kimchi -- it's the same as air. You need it to live. In some villages, the punishment for a crime is jail or no kimchi. Everyone wonders which is worse.


Will: Keep up.
Angus: My legs are shorter than yours!
Will: Then move them faster.