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Will's friend, with whom he worked as a mechanic, is captured by the red hats while his family watches on in horror.

Katie determines the kids will be home schooled going forward.

Will starts his first day in the office and is excited to meet the team. Once there he learns he won't be leading it.

He meets Phyllis, who he will be working for. She seems impressive and kind, which is surprising.

The ultimate goal is to look for Geronimo, but it will be done in steps. She gives him his target and asks that he take Bo with him. Will has a partner. They head into the weapons area and stock up.

Katie is at the Yonk. She goes through old items that meant a lot to her she had stashed there. She receives a visit from Broussard of the Resistance. He needs to know how close Will is to solving his first case. Time is a factor.

Will uses Pepsi to get information and gain entrance to the building and informants.

Will finds his man and begins showing how good of a ranger he was. 

Maddie runs into an old friend named George while she's waitressing at a government event. He's one of them.

When Will gets back, he finds Carlos in the cage. He promises to get him out of there. He explains who he is and why he is where he is. He asks Phyllis to let Carlos out. He's the best mechanic he knows. She says it's too early for favors. It's not a favor.

Katie's daughter asks about daddy's new job and if it can get Charlie back.

Carlos' wife and son appear at her door. She goes to Broussard for help. He doesn't want to. She decides to do it on her own.

After having sex, George is packing up some stuff for Maddie to take. She doesn't live in the green zone, they can't see each other again. His loss.

Will and Katie get Carlos' family fake identification and to safety underground. Will goes to check on Carlos and Katie goes to meet with the Resistance leader. Katie thinks it's ironic they're interested in helping the splinter group who bombed the line and Will is hunting and they need her help to do it. 

The prisoners are already on their way to the factory. Will freaks. Phyllis says lots of decisions will always be made above their heads. She then talks shockingly honest with him and he goes to say goodbye to Carlos, assuring the man his family will be fine.

Katie and Will talk, supporting each other and he's called into work. Katie immediately runs down the street to call Broussard.

Carlos and the others are taken off the bus and inside a building. They are asked to strip. They're lead naked into a chamber filled with light and noise and air. The people who walk out the other side are suited up like medical personnel, masks included. Carlos is among them.

Will and Bo get to their destination. Everyone is dead. They have a leak.

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Colony Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm sure you will find this unpalatable, but consider your target. Whether or not Mr. Hines is a true believer, he got eight Homeland Security troops and five civilians killed, and, I might add, he prevented you from going to Santa Monica to find your son. So, save your sympathy for his victims.


Katie: When did you get in?
Will: I don't know, but I think I heard a rooster.